Bass of the Week: Rob Allen Deep 4/5

Rob Allen Deep Bass

Bass builder Rob Allen has a way with creating clean designs that are very playable pieces of art. Our bass of the week is the luthier’s Deep model, a semi-hollow body bass available in four and five-string models that features a classic f-hole.

“The body starts out with 3″ thick alder stock and is surfaced down to 2 1/8″, and routed with large hollow chambers , leaving a 1 3/4″ wide center block,” Allen writes on his website. “These large hollow chambers in combination with the f-hole make the body lighter and less rigid, which adds resonance, warmth and overtones. The f-hole does not add much noticeable volume, it is about creating tone.”

The Deep’s alder body is topped with Hawaiian curly koa. Its five-piece neck is made of rock maple with ebony stringers and matched with an ebony fingerboard. Allen also uses ebony from the same stock for the bass’s bridge.

The electronics are designed specifically for the Deep. Allen describes the circuitry as “clean and minimal” with a master volume and stacked treble/bass control integrated into the bridge. “I’m a purist when it comes to tone and believe an instrument should do one thing really well,” he explains, “as opposed to doing a few things pretty good, and that is my aim with this bass; to give the best, fullest, jaw dropping tone possible.”

For more information, check out Rob Allen’s website.

Rob Allen Deep Bass Details:

Strings:4 or 5
Body:Semi-Hollow Alder Body
Binding:Celluloid “tortoise shell” binding
Top:Premium Curly Koa Top with F-Hole
Headstock:Matching Bound Koa
Neck:5-piece laminate neck of rock maple with ebony stringers
Fingerboard:Ebony fingerboard
Frets:Lined or Unlined Fretless
Electronics:volume, and stacked bass/treble control on bridge
Weight:Approximately 7.5 lbs
Case:Form Fit Hardshell Case Included

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  1. I would love to get my hands on one of these!!

  2. Bryan

    This is a real bass!!

  3. Steve

    I’ve owned 3 of Rob’s basses. They are amazing. Don’t know why I didn’t keep my Mouse. A short scale that sounds like an upright. Worth every penny.

  4. I’ve been gigging a Deep 4 fretless for several years. Wonderful bass! Very upright vibe. Here’s a gig video where I miced an 8-inch Crazy8 cab playing the Deep 4. Processed sound separately from the video and merged in post.

  5. I own two of Rob’s basses. A Deep-5 fretless and a MB-2 5-string fretless. They are the most inspiring bass instruments I’ve ever played. I know of no other instrument that is built and finished as well as a Rob Allen. Their tone(s) are truly jaw dropping, for recording or live and in any style or context. I’m very happy and ever inspired by my Rob Allen basses!

  6. Martin

    What can I say except that; if you what the best sounding, best playing most beautiful 5 string bass on this planet look at The Rob Allen Deep 5. I have been playing professionally since 1974 and have owned and played them all. This bass is a keeper and my favorite one to grab..