Tribal Tech: Face First & The Big Wave (Live in Tokyo)

Here’s a great fan-shot video of Tribal Tech performing in Tokyo in 2013.

Or a better way to describe it: bass in your face!

Man, Gary Willis brings it on this one. But he always does, doesn’t he?

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  1. David

    in Germany we say “tittenarschaffengeil” – yeah!

  2. Mike Matthews

    Oh man, Gary is such a monster of a player. Just killer !!!

  3. Gary Willis just “fried my eyes”! Gary Willis, and Gerald Veasley, always amaze me with the balance between their virtuosity and their economy of motion. I’d expend 10 times as much energy trying to play the stuff that they play! This was amazing!

  4. mojobass

    Just a phenomenal bass player …and he makes it look effortless??BASS ON!!

  5. Bobby

    what song is this!?

    • Bobby

      never mind guys I came out of my mind being blown from this video and actually read the headline lol

  6. jb

    he realy seems to even get better by age . trully a league of its own !