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Bill Wyman Releases First Solo Album in Three Decades

Bill Wyman: Back to BasicsIt’s been a while since former bassist for The Rolling Stones released a solo album. About 33 years, really.

The album, which features a stripped-down sound and nods to influences like Leonard Cohen and JJ Cale, came about after Bill Wyman realized he had a cache of unreleased songs, three of which he decided to rework. He then added those to several brand-new pieces to create a full album called Back to Basics.

An autographed edition of the album is available through Proper Music. Back to Basics is also available on a non-autographed CD and as a digital download.

Check out the 2015 version of Bill Wyman on “What & How & If & When & Why”:

Back to Basics Track List:

  1. What & How & If & When & Why
  2. I Lost My Ring
  3. Love, Love, Love
  4. Stuff (Can’t Get Enough) (Back to Basics Version 2015)
  5. Running Back to You
  6. She’s Wonderful
  7. Seventeen (Back to Basics Version 2015)
  8. I’ll Pull You Through (Back to Basics Version 2015)
  9. November
  10. Just a Friend of Mine
  11. It’s a Lovely Day
  12. I Got Time

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