ObsidianWire Introduces J and P Bass Wiring Upgrades

Attention mod junkies: ObsidianWire has just unveiled a J and P-bass upgrade wiring harnesses. Utilizing solder-less connectors, the sets are designed to be drop-in replacements for American and Mexican series Fender basses.

Both harnesses are built with hand selected and matched CTS pots that ObsidianWire says offers greater clarity and consistent response. Other features include NOS paper in oil capacitors and a treble bleed/volume mod that retains treble when you roll back your volume.

ObisidianWire P and J Bass Upgrade Wiring Harnesses

While the harnesses are designed for Fender J and P-basses, ObsidianWire states that the connectors work with any standard two-wire pickup and many pickups with an extra ground wire such as Lace sensors.

The kits are available now with prices of $62.99 for the P-bass harness and $69 for the J-Bass harness.

ObisidianWire P and J Bass Upgrade Wiring Harness Details:

Hand Matched Emerson Pro CTS Solid Shaft 250k Pots w/.250” (Audio taper) (+/-6%)
Genuine Switchcraft J11 Mono Output jack
NOS Russian Cold War Era K42Y-2 PIO capacitor
Premium Volume Mod / Treble Bleed Kit
Pre Printed Wiring Diagram Included

For more information:

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  1. Jon

    £45 for £15 of parts and 5 minutes of work.

  2. DB

    “NOS Russian Cold War Era K42Y-2 PIO capacitor”

    Who gives a crap about that?!?

    I’m sure the build quality is fine and the parts good. But seriously….

  3. Retains treble? What site am I on? Lol