Or Lubianiker: In Orbit

Bassist and all-around good guy Or Lubianiker just sent me his latest video. This time around, it is one of Or’s own compositions, which he performed with help from his Project RnL bandmates Eyal Amir (keyboards) and Sharon Petrover (drums).

Enjoy “In Orbit”.

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  1. ran

    what a bass GOD !!! amazing

  2. Great playing and super well produced. That was fun to listen to! 1:50 – awesome fill :) Go Or!! Missed catching up with you in Frankfurt

    • Hey Ari! :) thanks a lot, I’m really happy you like the video, hopefully I’ll see you soon enough no worries and a jam is long over due…

  3. Mike Matthews

    Or is just killing it. His tone is awesome. His technique is awesome. Awesome, I DIG !!!

  4. mojobass

    Nice work ,Or …Like the flow and the movement ??BASS ON !

  5. Great stuff, I can’t wait till you release a solo album!

  6. You’re such a badass Or… (ps – been too long man)

  7. Great song Or!! Liked a lot! sending it directly to BassMex forum! salut from Mexico and keep grooving see you in next Namm!!

  8. Love this! Such a good tune and stellar playing!!!! Keep pushing it, Or!!!! You are amazingly talented!!!!!

  9. this is really cool! great playing. great tune. great job, or!

  10. Dave

    kol hakavod! What bass is Or playing here?

  11. This guy plays “smooth like butter”! Lots of technique, but very melodic. Its kind of unique to hear/see melodic slap playing. I really liked it.