Reader Spotlight: Jeffrey Bryan Rijnsburger

Jeffrey Bryan RijnsburgerMeet bassist Jeffrey Bryan Rijnsburger, a man who hails from the place with the “famous Dutch windmills”. But more important than that, Jeffrey is pursuing the dream of playing music. Here’s his story.


I’m originally from Zaandam, the place with the famous Dutch windmills. Outside providing backing vocals wherever needed, I’m a 100% dedicated to bass and try to be so much more than just another frustrated guitarist who ended up playing bass.

Diving head-straight into the metal scene (with bands such as Martyr, Jackal, Vexation, Raiser and many more) have ultimately led to the conclusion that I wanted to do something in between. Writing catchy melodies while still retaining that rock/metal vibe with long (guitar) solo’s, crazy bridges and over-the-top shows. I find it highly fascinating that it’s totally cool that the biggest death metal fan can sport a Guns / Van Halen t-shirt because they’ve found such a balance with being catchy and still rocking out.


Amsterdam / Noord-Holland / Netherlands

Day gig:

I’m currently doing websites / web design / software development but I’m aiming for a way out to do more with music. I recently got into production and gave a few bass lessons as well so I hope to do as much as I can instead of just cashing in on one lame but popular cover-band. The easy way is never the fun way!

Years experience:

I’ve been playing bass since 2007, guess I was 16 or 17…

Bands & Gigs:

I’ve been playing with Orange Outlaw, who have a new album coming out real soon. It’s old school hard rock which is currently being mixed and mastered by one of the biggest studios in Europe. I also replaced the original bass player in Martyr, a dutch heavy metal band which had releases for Roadrunner Records, Metal Blade Records and get the chance to taste the flavors of playing international gigs with pretty big names.


  • Charvel 2B ’86 Custom
  • Charvel 2B ’86 Stock
  • Charvel 2B ’86 Stock
  • Killer Dagger
  • Laney RB-6
  • Zoom B3

Why I play the bass:

Inherited the bass-curse from my father. It was the only instrument in the house and since I was a music lover I decided to do something with it. As Claypool once said, it’s the crayon I picked up to express myself with. I come from a musical family with lots of classical and jazz musicians. I’m kind of the outlaw of the family with my bass and hardrock/metal, but if I were to play the trumpet or clarinet I’d probably love it as much as I love the bass now.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

My friends often call me “the beast” for having an extremely aggressive playing style. When I see bass players like Cliff Burton and other old-schoolers I notice the power in their playing and want to take that to the next level because the aggression will definitely translate into the sound and energy unleashed upon the audience.

I’ve had the chance to meet and play with some of metal’s biggest old schoolers around, like Paul Di’Anno, Blaze Bayley, Manilla Road and had the chance to play bass on a tribute album for Raven. I’m really grateful that I’m getting this chance as a “youngster” and to ride the final waves of the 80’s which I missed out on since I’m 24.

My influences:

My biggest influences are constantly shifting around. I don’t want to stare myself blind on what one person does but try to mix it up by taking something I really like and try to implement it in my own playing. There are some seriously underrated bass players out there that have an incredible hearing and/or knowledge about a lot of different things. I’d say that currently my biggest influences are Steve Harris for his incredible stage presence, Stanley Clarke for thinking outside the box and Geezer Butler and David Ellefson for thumping out incredible grooves.

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