Marcus Miller: Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Live

How many bass lines get people excited after only two notes? Marcus Miller riled the crowd up at the 2015 North Sea Jazz Festival with an instrumental version of the classic Temptations hit “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”.

“How good does that bass line have to be that I just have to play two notes?” Miller jokes. The bass legend then lays into the song by playing the vocal melody in his own style before taking a fantastic bass solo full of “Marcus-isms” to tear the house down.

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  1. Jakub

    I always thought that was 3 :P Ab B / Dd Dd Ab – B :D

    • Mike Matthews

      Actually, if those are the notes, it should read: G# B / C# C# G# – B Just saying bro : ) I know, I know, tomato Tomato.

  2. David Desmond

    If Marcus is so driven to play the melody, who is going to play the bass?

  3. 63Jazz

    A good ol 4-string Jazz bass as only he can make her go. Hell yeah!!!

  4. Doc.Hoc.

    Beautiful , one of 5 of the first songs I learned , seems bass is the heartbeat of all music.

  5. mojobass

    As only Marcus can do …the thing that he do !!! Great band, as well.That thumb has been on many fine fretted roads. BASS On, Marcus ??

  6. Vladimir .

    Hi level !@!