MonoNeon and Kriswontwo Release Neon The Won

MonoNeon and Kriswontwo: Neon The WonNearly two years after their first release, bassist MonoNeon and producer Kriswontwo have teamed up again as Weon to release Neon the Won. The experimental duo fuse stellar bass playing with ear bending soundscapes to create an album that transcends genre. This time around they invited several guest musicians, including David “Fuze” Fiuczynski, Jerome Flood, Lance Lucas, Amber Baker, and Mojcksn.

The project includes some interesting influences. “Some of MonoNeon’s inspiration for creating the new music came from his fascination with neon light installations art by Dan Flavin and Peter Kennedy and microtonality/quarter-tone sounds which can be heard on ‘Neon Eggs & Ham’,” a statement explains. “The sonic side of things is handled by Kriswontwo. Everything from pitching MonoNeon’s live-bass to drum programming, synths & arrangements. This is what makes this project one of a kind. It’s a collaboration of a bassplayer & a producer/engineer. Both these artists are completely free-minded, which means there are no limits to which frequencies this duo can vibe on.”

Neon the Won is available now for digital download from Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

Preview the album:

Neon the Won Track List:

  1. Smash
  2. Jungle Juice (feat. David Fuze Fiuczynski)
  3. Jimimitch (feat. Lance Lucas & Amber Baker)
  4. Neon the Won
  5. Black, White, Then Neon (feat. Mojcksn)
  6. Neon Eggs and Ham (feat. Jerome Flood)

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