Nordstrand Guitars Introduces Dan Lutz Nordy DL vM5 Bass

Nordstrand Nordy DL vM5 BassesNordstrand Guitars has teamed up with bassist Dan Lutz to unveil the Nordy DL vM5. The bass is a take on the company’s Nordy vM5 model that brings together their NP5 and BigMan pickups for a unique configuration.

Similar to the vM5, the DL vM5 is built with either an ash body and maple fingerboard or an alder body with a rosewood fingerboard. Instead of the 2B-MM preamp, the DL version will offer standard 2B and 3B preamps.

Standard features include a 34-inch scale, a 9″ to 14″ compound radius fingerboard, vintage size frets, and Hipshot hardware.

Check out this detailed demo video for a taste of the Nordy DL vM5’s tonal palette:

The Nordstrand Guitars Nordy DL VM5 is available for order now starting at $3,800 for a passive version.

Nordstrand Guitars Nordy DL VM5 Bass Specs:

Body:Ash or Alder
Top:Exotic woods Optional
Fingerboard:Maple or Rosewood
Pickups:Nordstrand NP5 and BigMan
Electronics:Nordstrand 2B or 3B

For more information:
Nordstrand Guitars

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Through my speakers this bass sounds FANTASTIC !

  2. that bass guy

    I can’t see anything about this instrument that’s worth 4 grand, especially when everything he says about this bass can be done with a Lakland Skyline for a whole lot less dough.