Bass of the Week: RG Custom Basses Pathos

Bassist Sam Battaglino shared some details of his new RG Custom Basses Pathos on a Facebook group called Best Boutique Basses, and it stopped me in my tracks. The left-handed bass features a neck-through design with solid spalted Ambrosia maple body wings that give it a raw, organic, and yet refined aesthetic.

RG Custom Basses Pathos Body

Its five-piece neck brings together spalted Ambrosia maple and walnut with an ebony fingerboard. RG fitted the bass with an EMG DC-X pickup in the neck position and an EMG CS-X in the bridge position. Both pickups feed into an EMG BQC 18-volt preamp. Other features include Gotoh tuners, custom RG knobs, Schaller Strap locks, and a Schaller 3D-4 adjustable bridge.

RG Custom Basses Pathos Back

For more information, check out the RG Custom Basses website.

RG Custom Basses Pathos Specs:

Body:Solid Spalted Ambrosia Maple Wings
Neck:5-Piece Spalted Ambrosia and Walnut
Pickups:EMG DC-X and CS-X
Electronics:EMG BQC 18v Preamp
Bridge:Schaller 3D-4 Adjustable Bridge
Knobs:Custom RG
Strap Locks:Schaller

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  1. sweet!!! southpaw up!

  2. Steevo

    I’ll take it. Sweet.

  3. Mark S B.

    This is one nice chunk of wood ,,, I’ll take it .