Godlyke, Inc. Unveils Pivot-All 180-Degree Rotating Audio Plug

Godlyke, Inc. Pivot-All Audio PlugGodlyke, Inc. has introduced the Pivot-All 180-degree rotating audio plug. The 1/4-inch audio connector’s shaft can be continuously rotated over a 180-degree arc for making connections in tight spaces and awkward angles.

The Pivot-All plugs are sold individually or pre-wired with Mogami cabling with silver soldering. Each plug features gold-plated audio connections for transparent signal transmission. “Pivot-All plugs also help to reduce short-circuits by moving the cable’s stress-point to the plug’s ball joint as opposed to the solder connection,” Godlyke adds.

The Godlyke, Inc. Pivot-All plugs and cables are available now with prices of $19.95 for the plug itself and starting at $38.95 for the cable.

Godlyke, Inc. Pivot-All Audio Plug Details:

180-Degree Rotating Plug
Gold-Plated Audio Connections
Sold as Plugs or with Cables

For more information:

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  1. Billy

    It’s a good idea for a product, but video lighting was less than desirable. …rather difficult to view certain parts of the demonstration.

  2. Lim

    This doesn’t help relieve the stress on the solder joint from twisting or pulling forces, only bending (and only within its range of motion).

    Also, within that hinge there either has to be a mechanical connection or a bit of wire that gets repeatedly flexed at a very sharp angle. Either of those are going to negatively affect reliability, so the claim that it is going to extend cable life seems dubious to me.