Twelfth Spock’s Beard Album Different, But In a Familiar Way

Spock's Beard: The Oblivion ParticleProgressive rockers Spock’s Beard are back with the band’s twelfth studio album, The Oblivion Particle.

“I think the opening track ‘Tides of Time’ is classic Spock’s in terms of arrangement and style, but everything else is fairly different,” said bassist Dave Meros. “That said, the whole album is still within the parameters of what people expect to hear from us.”

The album features a wide array of styles and drummer Jimmy Keegan even steps out to handle vocals on the cinematic “Bennett Built a Time Machine”:

The Oblivion Particle is available on CD, vinyl (Aug. 28) and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Oblivion Particle Track List:

  1. Tides of Time
  2. Minion
  3. Hell’s Not Enough
  4. Bennett Built a Time Machine
  5. Get Out While You Can
  6. A Better Way To Fly
  7. The Center Line
  8. To Be Free Again
  9. Disappear
  10. Iron Man (special edition bonus track)

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Pretty cool… kind of Yes meets the Beatles… kind of.

  2. Jim Anderson

    Ya gotta love Spock’s Beard. And Dave Meros?! He’s right up there.