The Sword Releases Fifth Studio Album

The Sword: High CountryAustin’s The Sword has changed up its sound profile yet again on its fifth studio album, High Country, which marks a departure from 2012’s Apocryphon.

As a review in Blabbermouth puts it, “this album freaking swings as much as it strains speakers.” The review also singles out Bryan Richie’s bass work, particularly on what it deems the “Thin Lizzy-esque” “Empty Temples” and the instrumental “Suffer No Fools.”

Check out “Empty Temples”:

High Country is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

High Country Track List:

  1. Unicorn Farm
  2. Empty Temples
  3. High Country
  4. Tears Like Diamonds
  5. Mist & Shadow
  6. Agartha
  7. Seriously Mysterious
  8. Suffer No Fools
  9. Early Snow
  10. The Dreamthieves
  11. Buzzards
  12. Silver Petals
  13. Ghost Eye
  14. Turned to Dust
  15. The Bees of Spring

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