Disturbed Ends Four-Year Hiatus With New Album

Disturbed: ImmortalizedDisturbed has returned after a four-year hiatus with the album, Immortalized.

The metal band’s break was a deliberate one, and it never signaled a potential breakup. As guitarist Dan Donegan told Billboard, the band members said to themselves, “ ‘Let’s put the brakes on for a minute here. Let’s walk away from it and give everyone some room to breathe and we’ll come back when we’re ready to come back and when we feel like we’ve got the strongest album we can deliver.’ We were at the peak of our career and that was a tough decision to make, but we felt like it was the right one.”

Band members started working on Immortalized in early 2014. “This was definitely the biggest collaboration we ever had,” Donegan said in the Billboard piece. “Lyrically we were all involved, musically we were all involved. Everybody opened up and said, ‘Let’s accept all ideas and just take the best of the best.’”

The sessions marked the first time in over a decade that the entire band — including bassist John Moyer (former Adrenaline Mob, currently with Art of Anarchy and Operation: Mindcrime) — was in the studio at the same time.

“The Vengeful One” is the first single off the record. Check it out:

Immortalized is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Immortalized Track List:

  1. The Eye Of The Storm
  2. Immortalized
  3. The Vengeful One
  4. Open Your Eyes
  5. The Light
  6. What Are You Waiting For
  7. You’re Mine
  8. Who
  9. Save Our Last Goodbye
  10. Fire It Up
  11. The Sound of Silence
  12. Never Wrong
  13. Who Taught You How To Hate
  14. Tyrant
  15. Legion of Monsters
  16. The Brave And The Bold

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