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Evan Marien Releases “Artifacts”

Evan Marien: ArtifactsBassist/multi-instrumentalist Evan Marien has released his latest solo effort, Artifacts. Marien composed, produced and mixed the album, which he said “slowly took shape over three years–a painstakingly careful process to produce some of the most unique sounds and textures that reflect what I’ve seen and heard in my life.”

Marien said he’s particularly proud of his solos on the album, adding that “I feel that Artifacts is my best work as a composer [and] a producer.”

Check out what he created in the 360-degree virtual reality video for the track “FastFastGo”:

Artifacts is available for download at Bandcamp and Amazon (with three bonus tracks).

Artifacts Track List:

  1. FastFastGo
  2. Let It Go Already!
  3. Once Again
  4. Jet Lag
  5. Sunrise Sunset
  6. Space Jams
  7. GHZ
  8. Hurry Up!
  9. 6 Years

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Not really my style; but pretty bad ass all the same. Evan is a great player. His right hand alone is inspiring.

Steven Smith

the video is a trip. only works on a mobile device.



With few exceptions, it is really a masterpiece. modern sounds and solo moments dosed with wisdom. I fell in love so much to make a cover of FAstFastGo…a lot of fun