ESO Launches With The ESO Strap

ESO Strap

ESO Strap has launched their brand with their self-titled product, the ESO Strap. Made in Seattle, the strap features a contoured “S” shape to avoid pressure points on the shoulder, neck, and back.

The strap length adjusts from 46.5″ – 54″, while its width varies from 1.5″- 2.5″. The ESO Strap is constructed with a high density foam core, interior heavyweight backing, and a 1 ounce urethane DWR moisture coating to keep perspiration out. The end pieces are hand-crafted Brazilian leather, and the strap also has a “fluid motion pick pocket” built in for storing picks.

The ESO Strap comes in left and right-handed versions and is available through the company’s website for $59.99.

ESO Strap Details:

USA Made in Seattle, WA
Length adjusts from 46.5″ – 54″ using two smooth stop polymer adjustors
Strap width varies from 1.5″- 2.5″
High density foam core
Interior heavyweight backing
Reinforced stitching on all critical points throughout strap
1 oz urethane DWR moisture coating
Hand crafted Brazilian leather end pieces

For more information:
ESO Strap

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  1. Mike Matthews

    I’ve been toying with this idea for a while now… ya snooze ya loose. I’d love to see how this one compares to The Comfort Strap though.

    • C. Lewington

      I ordered one of these a few weeks ago after seeing it on Premier Guitar. It pretty sweet! The pick pocket is very cool for practice and live.

      • Mike Matthews

        Hey, how is it’s comfort level? Construction ? Does it seem to take any weight off of the pressure point areas described?

        • C. Lewington

          The comfort level is awesome and the construction is flawless. It does take some weight off the guitar or at least distributes it better (mine is 7.5 lbs). I have used really wide straps and those are comfortable but this looks way better in my opinion. Plus the pick pocket and dual adjustors are sweet. Very well thought out. Hope this helps