Levy’s Leathers Releases Utopia Magnolia and Lawless Guitar Straps

Levy’s Leathers has launched two new guitar straps: the Utopia Magnolia and the Lawless. Designed by Danica Levy, the new straps are inspired by the magnolia and the Navajo tribe.

“I wanted to design a more gentle and feminine counterpart to the wild rose [for the Utopia Magnolia],” she wrote. ” The pinks, purples and greens in the magnolia accomplish this. I think [it] is our most feminine “pretty” strap in the 2018 collection. The [Lawless] patchwork design is simple but prominent. The earth tones of the strap are brought together in pleasing and harmonious combinations, allowing your eye to flow over the length of the strap easily and effortlessly.”

Both models are 2.5 inches wide and adjustable from 41 inches to 55 inches. An XL version adds 12 inches to overall length. The Levy’s Leathers Utopia Magnolia comes in Sand and Purple colors while the Lawless comes in Black, Bown, Navy, and Burgundy. They carry a street price of $71.99.

Levy’s Leathers Utopia Magnolia and Lawless Guitar Strap Features:

Length:41″ to 55″, XL size adds 12″
Colors:Sand and Purple for Utopia Magnolia, Black, Brown, Navy, and Burgundy for Lawless

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