Will Lee Discusses the End of His Gig on Letterman

After the final show of the Late Show with David Letterman, One On1 shared this interview with Will Lee. During the segment, they of course focused heavily on his years in the World’s Most Dangerous Band/CBS Orchestra, but they also got into his early years.

Some of the funnier parts included his admission that he never practices (with the more serious “why”), and how he “hates every bass”.

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  1. mojobass

    Hey Corey ….thanks for the share .Will Lee is just a phenomenal all around bassman,and ,can you believe it,no practice!?!! He is from another bass world, indeed. Love his playing ,personality,and contribution to the bass family.

  2. Marco

    I really can believe that he never practiced. If you are on gigs, sessions and jams all day long you just dont find time or the need to practice.
    It is practice while playing.

  3. David Desmond

    One of the things Will Lee did was to provide lots of bass sound effects when Letterman was telling jokes and helped make Letterman’s jokes funnier. It would be interesting to see a series of them in a video and hear Lee express the mood of the jokes with his bass