Joni Mitchell with Jaco Pastorius: Free Man in Paris

We’re remembering Jaco Pastorius today and listening to the wealth of great music he gave us.

Among our favorites is his collaborations with Joni Mitchell. In this clip from Shadows and Light, Jaco, Michael Brecker, Don Alias, Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays kick Mitchell’s “Free Man in Paris” up several notches in this 1979 performance.

RIP, Jaco.

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  1. Ken

    Great concert, great footage. This has always been a favorite.

  2. Lim

    I was quite excited to see a live performance of this song which I love, but it turns out Joni and Jaco didn’t give us this great performance. They gave it to a company called WMG, and WMG have decided that people in my country aren’t allowed to see it.

    I guess WMG are afraid I might stop paying to go to concerts featuring legendary dead bass players, or maybe that it might stop me from giving them money to listen to an album that is forty years old that I already own.

  3. Steve Carriere

    I like this concert. It’s fun to see people like Lyle and Pat in their younger days. I am not a big Jaco fan (I know, I know) but I don’t mind him in this context.

  4. Doc.Hoc.

    What a blast from the past , Jaco was one of a kind. Its amazing how certain people leave such great impact on our life , Jaco’s style of bass playing lives on.

  5. John Doubst

    Damn WMG.

  6. Yay, WMG also don’t like Singapore!

  7. Jack

    Rest in Peace Michael Brecker.

  8. Thad D Solloway

    Just outrageous ! Super group passes the test of Time . This music is Art that will live forever ….