Video Premiere: Abnormal Thought Patterns, featuring Michael Manring and John Onder: Synesthesia

Abnormal Thought Patterns recently released Altered States of Consciousness, a 7-track collection of instrumental prog-metal that will blow your hair back. The group, anchored by bassist Troy Tipton, also employed a host of guest artists to bolster the release.

Today we’re premiering the video for “Synesthesia,” featuring bass wizards Michael Manring and John Onder. Tipton, Manring, and Onder team up and take turns soloing to create a six-minute whirlwind.

Altered States of Consciousness is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

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  1. Mike Matthews

    BAD ASS!!!

  2. mojobass

    A lot of progressive movement here… Fingers flying and juices flowing!

  3. Great track… However, Manring’s style & talent is just untouchable. No amount of finger tapping comes close to his skill. No offense, it’s just my .02