Advanced Bass: Interval Shapes

Editor’s note: We’re thrilled to welcome Joe Hubbard as a new contributor to No Treble. Through his lessons here, you will learn to reach new levels of creative musical accomplishment in regard to your soloing, bass lines and technique with this highly acclaimed bassist. More than just a bunch of exercises, Joe will take you deep inside the music and teach you how to bridge the gap between what you hear and what you play.

In this lesson, we will cover a basic concept for interval shapes to develop your technique, while attuning your ears to hear the root motion of common harmonic progressions in jazz.

Follow along with the notation (PDF) and this video:

London based bass player Joe Hubbard’s professional background is represented by a collective body of experience that spans over more than three decades as an internationally acclaimed bass guitarist, teacher/clinician and contemporary jazz fusion recording artist. For more, visit

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  1. good stuff and not same ole same ole. i look forward to more of his lessons.

  2. Lorisco

    Hi Joe, what do you mean by “mapping out where you are going in this exercise?” How would you go about doing that?

    • Joe Hubbard

      Hi Lorisco

      Mapping out where to go involves applying the different ways to negotiate your way around the cycle of 5ths. Use the fingerings suggested and start to play through the cycle – very slowly and without a metronome – until you feel comfortable with the different options available. After consistently practicing this, you will slowly begin to learn how to improvise using this concept.

      All the Bass!