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Los Van Van Releases Last Album with Tribute to Juan Formell

Los Van Van: La Fantasia: Homenaje a Juan FormellWhile the Los Van Van album La Fantasia is called a Homenaje a Juan Formell (Homage to Juan Formell), the record from the 46-year-old Cuban dance band both is and isn’t, because Formell had a significant hand in its creation.

According to the Timba website, bassist and bandleader Juan Formell chose many of the album’s tracks prior to his 2014 death and his voice even graces the title song.

His son, Juan Carlos Formell, has picked up bass duties for the album, the Timba website states, and contributed a song as well.

Check out the sound of the long-lasting group on “La Moda”:

La Fantasia: Homenaje a Juan Formell is available on CD.

La Fantasia: Homenaje a Juan Formell Track List:

  1. Soy Añejo
  2. Somos Diferentes
  3. Me Basta Con Pensar
  4. Soy La Mujer Que Quiero Ser
  5. Todo Se Acabó
  6. Se Vende
  7. Bótalo y Guárdalo
  8. La Moda
  9. La Fantasía
  10. Es Mucho
  11. El Aparecido
  12. No Me Digas Hello
  13. Voy a Decirte Cosas
  14. Soy Van Van

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