Ilja John Lappin: Bass Playthrough of The Hirsch Effekt’s “Bezoar”

I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of The Hirsch Effekt before watching this, but this video has put bassist Ilja John Lappin on my radar. His playthrough of “Bezoar” has an intensity that will put you on the edge of your seat.

The song falls somewhere between technical death metal and prog-rock with a Latin-American-tinged interlude. Its intro is sure to get your attention as Lappin’s right hand becomes a blur during the flurry of notes.

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  1. I see tendinitis in someones future

  2. Mike Matthews

    I love that Spector tone and just insane playing as well !!!

  3. Dave Guettler

    I really like the blending of the genres. Well done!

  4. Doc.Hoc.

    Nicely played on a fine bass , different styles was great.

  5. Gino

    Fantastic technique. The music isn’t my cup of tea though. How is the singer doing? I assume that his vocals were recorded while he was sticking his foot into a wood chipper. I hope he lived.