King Crimson Issues Massive THRAK Limited Edition

King Crimson: THRAKKing Crimson’s new 16-disc box set of music assembles everything a fan could want from the band’s mid-1990s output.

The THRAK limited edition, with the great and prolific Tony Levin (also known for his work with Peter Gabriel and session expertise on more than 500 records) on bass, combines DVD/Blu-ray and audio content.

The set includes high-res audio with 5.1 surround sound mixes of THRAK, ATTAKcATHRAK (a new improv album assembled by David Singleton) and Kcensington THRAK (a new mix of the band’s 1995 London concerts).

The DVD/Blu-ray content features a complete 1995 concert from The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, as well as live footage from a 1995 concert in Japan, both on Blu-ray, as well as Tony Levin’s “Road Movies,” dating back to rehearsals in 1994 and a “making of” the album feature.

Additionally, the CDs include JurassiKc THRAK, which is “an assemblage of material from the recording sessions for the album – placing the listener in the studio with the band as the material was composed and recorded including seven pieces that didn’t make it onto the final album,” according to the band’s Burning Shed website. The mini-album VROOOM is also there, as is this year’s remix of THRAK, along music from 1995 shows in New York, London, and Mexico City.

The set is limited to one print run. It’s available now.

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