Alberto Rigoni: Bass Guy

We’ve all had that moment when an unknowing fan asks what’s wrong with our “guitar.” Alberto Rigoni’s latest single, “Bass Guy”, and its video tackle that situation.

The song will be on the bassist’s upcoming album Bassorama, due summer 2016.

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  1. Anaughtybear

    Ewww… This might have been better without the failed comedy vocals. I’m sorry. It’s painful.

    • Jorgo

      Thanks, just thought the same. It’s not even funny. And I don’t know what He does or what he’s supposed to be so good at, but I don’t get why this guy is all over the place on the popular bass sites. A guy who knows a guy etc or has he the necessary amount of money? I highly doubt it’s because of his skills. Neither as a songwriter, nor as a bass player.

    • Alberto

      It’s happens :)

  2. Doc.Hoc.

    I’m a Bass Guy ,, I’ll be singing that to myself all day now , but not while playing my bass ,,,