Stash Stainless Bass Guitars Introduces Two New Models

Stash Stainless has expanded their innovative bass offerings with two new instruments: the Model E and the Model P. Similar to the original design, the new models are made almost entirely of stainless steel with a tubular acoustic neck and custom made split coil Alnico 5 pickups.

“The new shapes are slight improvements on the original model’s balance and it has dropped the weight (~ 1 pound) to 9lb (4kg),” says builder Stan Potyrala. “The modern shapes of the basses are to continue to expand my audience with different style preferences/requests and to cater to their desire for a unique design of the bass.”

The new E and P basses feature more stylized bodies with slender horns, with the Model P taking a simpler approach and the Model E adding extra curve. Oval slots on the model E are added as thumb rests.

Other features include a 34-inch scale, 24 frets that are unified with the tubular neck, Gotoh Tuners, and a Switchcraft jack. Potyrala creates each part of the bass in his shop located in Canada.

The Stash Stainless Model E and Model P Basses are available for order now with prices of $2,479 USD.

Stash Stainless Bass Guitars Model E and Model P Details:

Pickups:Custom made split coils with Alnico 5 magnets
Weight:4kg (9lb)
Body:Stainless steel brushed.
Neck:Stainless steel tube acoustic 38mm dia (1.5″)
Fret Size:H=1mm (0.040) W=3mm (0.118″) flat with rounded edges
Bridge:Stainless steel adjustable
Potentiometers:250K volume and tone
Tuners:Gotoh type
String Spacing at Nut:8.5mm (0.334″)
String Spacing at Bridge:15.5mm (0.610″)
Country of origin:Canada

For more information:
Stash Stainless Bass Guitars

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  1. SneakyPete

    > available for order now with prices of $2,479 USD

    LOL wut?!

    • Sean

      it costs what it costs. if you don’t want a hand-made, niche instrument, then don’t buy it. it’s not exactly another P-bass clone.

  2. Very cool! Love the tube neck and the pickup pole placement.

  3. kim

    I’m all for innovation, but only if playability comes first. The extreme neck radius would make many techniques difficult, and the overall design does not appear to allow for arco playing, which would be the only reason to have such a neck shape, aside from strength considerations. This is an opinion different from that of the builder, who states on the website that the radius allows for a more natural and comfortable way to play. However, having played bowable bass guitars with similarly curved fingerboards, I have found only disadvantages and discomfort playing pizzicato with that type of shape.

    Also, the thin body looks like it would be uncomfortable resting on the thigh. On the positive side, a unique vision and execution like this much kudos, and perhaps there are alternate techniques facilitated by the neck shape that aren’t immediately apparent.

  4. Doc.Hoc.

    This would be great for those with arthritis in their hands, like me.

  5. Impaled on his own bass : )

  6. Bob

    I’d like to play it once.

  7. Rick

    nice, but i woundn´t buy one, especially at that price range.

  8. Sean

    I understand the concept, and it seems like a very novel idea, but it has more dimensions than I can fit into my brain.