Bass of the Week: Stash Stainless Bass Guitar

Stash Stainless Bass Guitar

While perusing Facebook, I stumbled upon this uber-sleek, uber-unique instrument: The Stash Stainless Bass Guitar.

Designed and built by Stanislaw Potyrala in Mississauga, Ontario, the bass is made entirely of stainless steel, which the company says improves stiffness, mechanical and environmental stability, sound quality and tunability.

“The only disadvantage is that rock stars will not be able to destroy this guitar on stage as part of their stage act,” they write.

While the bass’s body has a cool, modern shape, the most striking part of the bass is its tubular neck, which the company says works with the natural grip of the human hand to “give your fingers ready access to the strings naturally and comfortably.” The stainless steel tube is acoustic and 1.5? in diameter. The pickups are custom split coils with Alnico 5 magnets that are controlled with Volume and Tone knobs.

Other features include a Switchcraft jack, a stainless steel adjustable birdge and Gotoh-type tuners.

Stash Stainless Steel Bass Specs:

  • Pickups: Split Coils with Alnico 5 magnets custom made
  • Weight: 4.5kg (10lb)
  • Body: Stainless steel brushed.
  • Scale: 34?
  • Frets: 20
  • Neck: Stainless steel tube acoustic 38mm diameter (1.5?)
  • Bridge: stainless steel adjustable
  • Potentiometers: 250K volume and tone
  • Tuners: Gotoh type
  • String space: nut= 8.5mm (0.334?), bridge 15.5mm (0.610?)
  • Jack: Switchcraft
  • Made in Canada

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  1. Whack. I’d have to see it to believe it. Try it to buy it.

  2. A great weapon for a more civilized world.

  3. I’d love to try one of these, just out of curiosity. However, it looks like one of those basses I could eventually fall in love with, just because of its weirdness.

  4. Looks pretty tough to convert to a 5. Or defret.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure it’s an easy bass to convert to anything, for that matter! They have a fretless model on their FB page, though I’m not sure on plans for a 5-string.

  5. now… find a case for the damn thing.

  6. Pat Kilbride! F**k Yeah!

  7. this is total METAL! I love it!

  8. … interesting.
    I’d love to see how that feels to play.

  9. That looks like something out of Animusic. I’d like to try it. Does it come in a 5 string?

  10. It seems to be cool, but there’s only one problem I have with it, metal and steel are all absorbent of temperature. Meaning, unless you plan on playing strictly indoors at room temperature this thing will be a pain in itself. Playing outdoor gigs would be terrible, imagine playing around winter, how cold this thing would be? or in the summer, that the metal would absorb heat to the point it would burn your hands? I’m sure it couldn’t be that bad, but I mean utilizing a certain form of common sense somewhat deters me away from this. Very nice looking and sounding bass though!

  11. Does it shoot laser rays from the head?

  12. The body seems to detract from the forward thinking of the design. Perhaps a skeletal one with interchangeable snap-on panels could be utilized. This could reduce weight yet maybe retain proper balance? Add me to the list of wanting to try it!

  13. I was just thinking that because the strings aren’t flat, you could play that with a bow. Just get flatwounds.

  14. Then there’s this.. not a bass, but.. Maybe a partner for this stainless beast :D

  15. Linda Blume

    Really cool guitars ?.