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Reader Spotlight: Carter Lee

Carter Lee

Meet Carter Lee, a bassist who has covered a lot of ground – spanning Canada, Boston, NYC, Nashville and LA – and all focused around music.

Carter is No Treble’s reader in the spotlight for the week of November 23rd, 2015. Here’s his story…


I am a musician, husband, hockey fan and LA resident. I am originally from Canada and relocated to Boston, MA to finish my degree in music. After finishing up at Berklee, I moved to NYC and was able to play with some incredible musicians during my three years there.


Brooklyn, NY, USA

Day gig:

I’m lucky that in this move to NYC to LA I’m able to do some remote sessions, namely with a good friend Matt Gordon at 1092 studios in Nashville and I recently became the program director for a music outreach start up here in LA called the L.O.U.D. program. It’s a very rewarding teaching gig with middle and high school students that wouldn’t normally have access to instruction or instruments.

Years experience:

12 years

Bands & Gigs:

I moved to LA about a month ago so that’s still a bit in the works. Back in Brooklyn I was MD’ing for Shea Rose as well as Moruf, and playing bass for Joe Marson kept me pretty busy. That and some other side projects as well as hosting a weekly hip hop jam. You can still stay busy in NY.


  • 1963 Fender Jazz
  • 1991 ’62 RI Fender Jazz
  • Markbass combo head 2
  • Agulair Tone Hammer DI
  • MXR fuzz, octave, phase 90
  • EHX Pitch Fork
  • Visual Sound H20
  • TC Electronic Ditto
  • Micro Korg Synth

Why I play the bass:

I saw some friends play guitar while I was in high school and it made me really want one. I’m pretty impatient and that worked out that day because my dad had always had an old Fender Jazz (my main bass today) at our house. I started playing a little that day planning on switching to guitar but never did.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I was always into being able to play a ton of notes but over the years that finally got smoothed out to where I just love playing good/supportive bass lines, most of the time!

My influences:

Right now, in the bass world… Thundercat, Pino Palladino, Derrick Hodge, J Dilla, Tim Lefebvre, Chris Tarry, many more.


More on the web:


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Mark S B.

Mark S B.

Carter this was really nice, I use a old t-shirt to wipe down my bass of finger gunk keeping it nice and shiny, especially the tuning keys.
From the neat freak.



Slick sounds. That must be your 63. Love the tones and imagination. Real clean. Signed Big T.