Blackstar Amps Unveils Tone:Link Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Blackstar Tone:Link Bluetooth Audio ReceiverBlackstar Amps has unveiled the Tone:Link, a Bluetooth audio receiver that allows any amp or device with a line-in jack to use Bluetooth for streaming. It works with bass amps, guitar amps, PAs, home stereos, headphones and car speakers.

“By plugging into the line-in jack of any guitar amp, Tone:Link offers music playback with up to a 65 foot wireless range and a built-in lithium-ion battery, which delivers eight hours of battery life and micro-USB charging,” Blackstar shared.

The functionality lets you practice along with tracks through your amp, listen to tracks in your car, or stream audio through your PA without wires. It comes with a dual link that can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time and supports mobile, laptop, phone, tablet, or any device with compatible Bluetooth. Cables and connectors are included.

The Blackstar Amps Tone:Link will be available in early December with a street price of $29.99.

Blackstar Tone:Link Bluetooth Audio Receiver Details:

Two-link: can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time
Long distance reception, more than 20 meters/ 65 feet in open spaces without obstacles
Super clear audio
Supports mobile, laptop, phone, tablet, or any device with compatible Bluetooth
Built-in Li-battery with low power consumption for long use
Cables and connectors supplied
Full color display packaging
Working time: Up to 8 hours music playback or continuous with Micro-USB charger
Compact dimensions: 50 x 25.5 x 11 mm

For more information:
Blackstar Amps

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  1. i dig that little thing.

  2. Mark S B.

    That would be so cool to be cordless, if I’m understanding this correct.

  3. Am I correct that it only receives and does’t transmit?

  4. Lim

    Googles “bluetooth car receiver”….

    Rebranding an existing product and charging double the price because you’ve put the word “tone” in the name and are selling it to musicians. Are we really this dumb?

  5. Marc Fonda

    Shame they did not make this a wireless transmitter-receiver for streaming my bass to my amp.

  6. I don’t understand what it is meant to do?