Jesús Rico Pérez: Peace Prayer

Jesús Rico Pérez is one of our favorite solo bassists around here. So it is always thrilling to see a new video from him.

In this video, Jesus performs his composition, “Peace Prayer,” for piccolo fretless bass.


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  1. Tim Carey


  2. Matthew Carroll

    Gorgeous playing, as usual. Can I ask what tuning you used for this piece?

  3. Jesús Rico


  4. It’s really good! I can’t believe the tone you have man! Very good in every aspect.

  5. Ken Holst

    beautiful sound! what effects are you using?

  6. Mark S B.

    Wow this sounded like more than one instrument playing.
    Jesus I tried learning harmonic’s from u-tube and the harder I tried the worse I made it , then I found out by accident , now I tune my bass using harmonics. Some things we try too hard at are really simple if we give it time. I regret laying my bass down 25 years ago till last year this time but we can only move forward.