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Steve Lawson: The Way Home

Steve Lawson’s creative output stems from his in-the-moment style of playing. Instead of reshaping the music in the studio, he captures that energy for all of his albums by performing them live. That includes his latest, “The Way Home”, which features some soulful playing over a live loop.

“A few people seem baffled by the idea that my latest two albums are live. As in, no overdubs, all played by me, live-like-a-gig Live,” Lawson shared on Facebook. “So here’s the video of me actually recording the title track to The Way Home – this is what you hear on the album.”

You can download The Way Home on Lawson’s Bandcamp page.

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Very cool… good stuff Steve!

Mark S B.

Mark S B.

Sounds like your a one man band , I like it , sure wish I had recording gadgets like yours Steve.
Thank’s ,,,