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Hadrien Feraud Releases Sophomore Effort as Solo Artist

Hadrien Feraud: Born in the 80sFrench jazz bass virtuoso Hadrien Feraud (Chick Corea, John McLaughlin) has released his second album, Born in the 80s.

The album mixes jazz fusion, R&B, hip-hop, and soul and the 1984-born Feraud acknowledges the record’s not all about the bass — “It’s more about music,” says Feraud, who was inspired to commit himself to bass after hearing a Jaco Pastorius record. “For bass you can go see me on YouTube!”

Born in the 80s is available as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Here’s a taste of the record:

Born in the 80s Track List:

  1. Birth
  2. Born in the 80’s (feat. Ronald Bruner Jr., Jim Grancamp, Michael Lecoq, Eddy Brown, Leddie Garcia, Damien Schmitt, Leon Silva, Sean Eric, Kevin Williams, Mike Eyia, Shaz Sheferd & Amy Keys)
  3. Underneath the Golden Moon (feat. Damien Schmitt, Antonio Farao & Roland Garcia)
  4. Gotta Go (feat. Gerald Clayton, Manu Codjia & Justin Brown)
  5. (What’s Crackin’ In) India Town (feat. Marcus Miller, Eric Moore, Michael Lecoq & Joel Withley)
  6. Satisfying (feat. Otmaro Ruiz, Tyra Juliette, Jasmine Mitchell, Chris Clarke & Ronald Bruner Jr.)
  7. Open up (feat. Gergo Borlai, Manu Codjia & Davy Nathan)
  8. Music, Thank You (feat. Michael Lecoq, Stephane Edward, Stephane Guillaume, Geraldine Delacoux, Johan Renard, Alexandra Cravero, Christophe Cravero, Clement Petit & Chaun “Dupree” Horton)
  9. Ingrid P (feat. Yoann Schmitd, Charles Altura, Artyom Manoukian, Chris Bautista & Jessica Vautor)
  10. Circles (feat. Maiya Sykes & Ruslan Sirota)
  11. Punk Jazz (feat. Chris Coleman, Katiss Buckingham, Jessica Vautor, Brandon Coleman & Roland Garcia)

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Brian Little

Brian Little

This record was a real disappointment. The lyrical content was poorly thought out and musically it felt like I was walking through the NAMM show. It’s possible to be a virtuoso and have taste, Hadrien simply does not. Incredible player, absolutely but this album is certainly NOT about music.