Bass of the Week: Mana Basso Glade 6-String

This week we’re checking out a six-string Glade model from Mana Basso custom basses. The gorgeous singlecut bass features a Padouk, Wenge and Swamp Ash body matched to a Wenge, Padouk and Flamed Maple neck for a rich textural palette.

Mana Basso Glade 6-String Bass

Its Birdseye maple fretboard leads your eye to the bass’s carved headstock, which is made as part of the neck blank to eliminate the need for a scarf joint. The headstock also has a steep drop angle that luthier Tony Walters says allows for lower action and improved ease of movement.

“The through-body neck construction consists of tapered laminates for superior strength and sound transmission,” he explains, “and features my signature headstock, designed for the same.”

The Glade is fitted with a pair of Nordstrand Fatstack pickups and a Nordstrand 3-band active EQ. “I installed an active/passive switch with a single coil setting, which is a nice feature of these pickups for added gain,” Walters adds. “The Glade is carefully designed to resonate with thick wet lows, punchy mids, and crystalline highs. This bass offers full tone shaping capabilities to dial in on that perfect sound, whether its a throaty yet melodic Jaco’esque sound, or that deep grind you want when you’re digging in on an ultra-funky groove.”

For more information, check out the Mana Basso website.

Mana Basso Glade 6-string Bass Details:

Body:Wenge, Swamp Ash
Neck:Wenge, Padouk, Flamed Maple
Fretboard:Birdseye Maple
Pickups:Nordstrand Fat Stacks
Electronics:Active/Passive Nordstrand 3-Band EQ

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