Reader Spotlight: Cassius Lambert

Cassius Lambert

Meet bassist (composer, producer and record label owner) Cassius Lambert. Cassius stays busy with all of these roles and has a great story so far. He’s this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight, and here’s his story…


I am a bass player, composer, producer and owner of the record label Kaprifol Records. I live and have my recording studio in a little fishing village called Abbekås which is located in the very south of Sweden. In 2015 I released the album QUOTE (with 84 pages of notes) and the single BONTU in 2015. And the ORANGERI EP in 2014.

I was born in Malmö, Sweden in 1996. And started to play bass at the age of 11 after a severe soccer game accident where I became dependent on a wheelchair for months.

After that I never stopped playing the bass.

I am currently studying music at Skurups Folkhögskola and I have studied music since high school.


Abbekås, Sweden

Day gig:

When not studying music I am composing for my solo project, soundtracks and jazz ensembles.

Years experience:

7 years.

Bands & Gigs:

In 2007 I co-founded Funked up. Funked up released the Chapel Hill EP in 2012 and the What Do You See EP in 2013. In spring 2014 I joined Sakib Zabbar’s group as well the jazz trio PAJ.

Since 2014 I work hard for promoting the solo project “Cassius Lambert”, by gigs and performances.


  • Anaconda Tribute J4 – Elite, custom
  • TC Electronic RH750
  • Strymon Bluesky (Reverb)
  • TC Electronic Polytune (Tuner)
  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame (Reverb)
  • TC Electronic Flashback (Delay)
  • MXR Phase 90 (Phaser)
  • Boss CEB 3 (Chorus)
  • Digitech Bass Whammy (Pitch shifter)
  • Electro Harmonix POG 2 (Octaver)
  • Mad Professer Simble (Overdrive)
  • EBS BassIQ (Auto-wah)
  • Glab Bass WoWee-Wah (Wah-Wah)

Why I play the bass:

I love the fact that you can use the bass both as a rhythm and harmony instrument. The bass can be the grand rhythmic fundament of the music, but also the instrument that creates the most beautiful melodies. I like the control and power that is given to the bass. I also love the symbiosis and collaboration that occurs with the the drummer.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I been told that I have good timing, great technique and am fun to play with.

My influences:

Johan Hansen Larsson, Pino Palladino, Paul Bender, Esperanza Spalding, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Laleh, Tigran Hamasyan and more.

More on the web:

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