ShowOne App Aims to Simplify Using Backing Tracks On Stage

ShowOne App in actionAn iOS app can now meet the needs of musicians who use backing tracks during live performances.

ShowOne (formerly called SideStage) has a variety of features, including automatic click tracks; the ability to edit tempo, pitch, and voice counts from within the app; compatibility with Apogee Duet and Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2; fast import of audio via cloud services or iTunes file sharing, and more.

Tony Fagenson, drummer for Eve 6 and the app’s co-creator, said he used and tested the app onstage throughout the summer of 2015. “I wanted to put our app through the rigors of the road as the ultimate test for skips or crashes, and ShowOne performed flawlessly.” Fagenson created the app with Jerry Fitzgerald, who has worked as a stage manager and/or backline tech for a variety of rock artists (including Eve 6) over the past 20 years. The software was coded and developed by San Francisco-based iOS developer Hello World Engineering.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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