Bass of the Week: Evilectric Skull Bass

With a name like Evilectric, you might guess that the company makes some gnarly looking basses. You’d be right.

Evilectric Skull Bass Bridge View

Evilectric builds full 41 3/4-inch scale electric upright basses with custom designs. Only three have been made so far, and this week we’re checking out the Skull bass. The body is a skull and cross bones with the bridge sitting right between the eyes. Luthier Mike Jackson gave us the rundown.

“[It has a] Maple neck, Hipshot tuners, Schaller pickups, Eurosonic strings, a hand made aluminum tailpiece, bridge, and nut,” he explains. “We make custom tops in any design, and they can play like an upright in a jazz band or play like a p-bass in a speed metal band!”

Jackson has also made a pot leaf bass and a Hello Kitty Darth Vader designed bass. He’s currently working on a flying V.

Evilectric Skull Bass Features:


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