Bass of the Week: Jens Ritter Instruments Princess Isabella Concept Bass

Jens Ritter Instruments Princess Isabella Concept BassThis week we’re taking a look at a new bass from Jens Ritter Instruments created with Ish Guitars of Syracuse, New York. The Princess Isabella Concept bass brings together Ritter’s Princess Isabella body with the “Concept” design, which streamlines the instrument’s features for a minimalist look. It is the first of its kind.

“We were talking with Jens Ritter Instruments about how much we loved the Princess Isabella bass and we thought ‘wait a second, why don’t we make it a CONCEPT?!'” Ish wrote on Facebook. “Thus, this bass, the first-ever Princess Isabella bass, was born. No knobs, no tuners, no pickups (piezo only). And it still sounds and plays soooo good.”

Ritter built the instrument with an alder body, maple neck, and a fretless ebony fingerboard that extends all the way down the body. The stark contrast of black and white draws your eye to the elegant curves of the body and headstock. As part of the Concept design, the bass employs the BA Tuning system with rear-mounted tuning wheels on the rear of the body. Its pickup is a piezo system built into the bridge saddles. The output jack is also mounted on the back, and while there is no volume control, there is a trimpot for tone.

Edit: Jesse Wilson of Ish Guitars shared this demo and overview of the bass.

Jens Ritter Instruments Princess Isabella Concept Bass Specs:

Construction:Set Neck
Scale:32″ (812.8mm)
Body Wood:Alder
Finish:White-Carrara Frosted
Neck Wood:Maple
Pickup:RMC Piezo
Electronics:Direct Out & Tone Trimpot
Hardware Color:Black
Bridge/String Attachment:BA Tuning System
String Spacing:Vintage 4 (60mm-30mm)
Tuners:BA Tuning System
Strap Buttons:Dunlop Straplocks

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  1. Brad Pitt

    I cant imagine that any working bassist would even consider owning one. Definitely form over function.

    • Jay A. Rubin

      I agree. It’s a stunningly beautiful instrument; too pretty to gig with.but, I would like one!

  2. Len Mongeau

    Beautiful sound. The shape looks like a Norwahl whale.