Guns N’ Roses: Sweet Child O’ Mine, Live 1992

I’ve been getting pumped up for the Guns N’ Roses reunion this year by checking out older performances, and this one caught me. Shot in Tokyo in 1992, the video starts with Duff McKagan riffing for Axl Rose to intro the band with “Sail Away Sweet Sister” and “Bad Time” before kicking into “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. The song, of course, has one of the most recognizable intros in the history of rock.

In addition to their big reunion at the Coachella Festival, the band has just announced a new pair of dates at the T-­Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for April 8th and 9th. More dates are expected soon.

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  1. Anaughtybear

    What an awful voice. Sounds like grandma yelling for her cigarettes. Duff is cool though.

  2. God that was freaking weird. Musically it makes no sense, I didn’t think it was cool at all, and his voice is shite.

  3. Bazzbass

    wow , I thought the subtitles were for the Japanese but it was for us lol.

    His voice was atrocious at the best of times, and this wasn’t one of those times.