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Nik West: Musiq Soulchild’s “Just Friends” Cover

Nik West shared this on Facebook, and it knocked me (and a lot of other people) out.

In this video, the bassist/vocalist takes on Musiq Soulchild’s “Just Friends” with lots of style.

“I wanted to try out this new Fender Jazz Elite Bass,” she shared.

You made it sound great, Nik!

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Niki this was really good , I hope you do another soon.
Im doing good enough just to play bass but play bass and sing , not me.

Thanks’ I enjoyed this a lot ,,,



i saw this video virally everywhere, i dont know what you guys are seeing. I see a cute girl, doing plackback, of a cover, and when you watch her hands many parts are obviously out of timing.

Even in the playback recording there is some notes out of rythm… (slap needs muscles sometimes..)

So what do you like here ? her playback’s cover play according his fake hair, or do you like this video because it is a cute girl ?

Artisticly, creativly, this video is poor. So many young people deserve way more attention than this young famous old beginner.

Please open your mind and dont be so easily fooled by your balls.

I would never click dislike for this, but i like talent and this none in this video.

    Corey Brown (Author)

    RB, we don’t choose videos simply because a woman is playing bass. We feature bass players we feel deserve attention, based on the merits of their playing. My rule of thumb: listen without watching. If it sounds good, then that means something.

    I know others in this industry take what I consider an exploitative approach by sharing photos of female bass players on Instagram, Facebook, etc. to get likes and clicks, but that’s totally against our policy (and we’ve been thanked by many readers for that, so they’ve noticed the opposite of what you’re accusing of us of doing). That sort of exploitation is a low level tactic we won’t reduce ourselves to do, and that’s certainly not what happened here.

    It’s okay not to like the video. Based on the views and comments on this one across the web, I’d say you’re in the minority. And of course, that’s fine. After all, this is all subjective.

    Don’t hate

    Don’t hate

    R.B where can we get see your videos so we can judge you?

    Rob Droner

    R.B. You should probably check your wifi connection. The rest of us know she’s legit. I am a bass player as well. This girl is so much more than this video you see. But of course you have probably never googled NIK WEST or seen her live. Im sure of it, because if you had, you would feel like a fool for commenting. If this girl is JUST a cute girl, I’m sure Prince, John Mayer, Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith, John Bon Jovi, AND Dave Stewart of Eurythmics are ALL wrong about how talented she really is. You’ll see more of her and you’ll be one of the first to tell people you “knew her when”…

    Mark S B.

    Mark S B.

    This was excellent Nik ,
    I’ve watched it several times and I don’t get what R.B. is trying to say , all I see is anger in his\her writing.

B. Sam

B. Sam

I dig Nik West BUT I gotta say this tune is a cover of Lydia’s version from forever ago. Lydia brought that exact style to Musiqs song (which I love the original too). To me it’s one thing if you are putting your own spin on a tune….. It’s another thing when you are copying someone else’s spin on the same cover WITHOUT giving any credit to the originator! It would seem that Nik is acting like she created this, not Lydia. That’s what I find wrong about Nik, this isn’t the only time she has done this (I’ve got a YouTube library that been going on shortly after it was created) and she has been biting other people’s style for a while without acknowledging the bass players that created it.