Killswitch Engage Releases “Incarnate”

Killswitch Engage: IncarnateMetalcore band Killswitch Engage has released its seventh album, Incarnate.

Singer Jesse Leach told Blabbermouth that band founder and bassist Michael “Mike” D’Antonio came up with the album title after contemplating the album’s artwork. Leach remembers exclaiming “What a great word!” after hearing D’Antonio’s suggestion.

“It just sounds good, it’s ambiguous enough where people can draw their own conclusion, and the definition of it is ‘in the flesh,’ which is almost like an ambiguous definition. So it just sort of causes thought, and I love that about it. I love that it just sounds epic and causes conversation.”

Check out one of the album tracks, “Hate by Design”:

Incarnate is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Incarnate Track List:

  1. Alone I Stand
  2. Hate By Design
  3. Cut Me Loose
  4. Strength Of The Mind
  5. Just Let Go
  6. Embrace The Journey…Upraised
  7. Quiet Distress
  8. Until the Day
  9. It Falls On Me
  10. The Great Deceit
  11. We Carry On
  12. Ascension

Deluxe Edition Tracks:

  1. Reignite
  2. Triumph Through Tragedy
  3. Loyalty

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  1. Terry

    Music sounds good , singing too rough.