Christian Sturgess: Brutai’s “Onyx” Bass Playthrough

Brutai’s Christian Sturgess just released a playthrough video for their song “Onyx,” and it’ll melt your face. The song, which appears on their 2013 self-titled EP, features a killer bass part with intricate rhythms using slap, strumming, and three-finger techniques.

The bassist’s snarling bass tone is also something to marvel. Sturgess gave the low down in the YouTube comments section.

“The bass itself does a lot of the tone besides my hands and post – production, its got a Darkglass pre-amp in it which gives a massive crunchy sound to the mids and highs,” he said. “I record in stereo, one track being a bass frequency with all the mids and highs removed, the other just the standard DI with a distortion plugin added.”

For more Brutai, check out their latest single, “Deep”:

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  1. MikeyOnBass

    Very cool: bass, bassist, and band I DIG !

  2. MikeyOnBass

    I’ve listen to this a few times now and really dig it. His tone and technique is just killer. Good Stuff!