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Groove – Episode #16: Jack Casady

Jack Casady

Take one second, head over to Google Images and do a search for Jack Casady. A life in images. That’s not Photoshop. That’s him. A lifetime of electric bass history and evolution all rolled up into this individual who played for Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna and more.

He’s – rightfully – in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and is one of the first players to really push the electric bass forward with power, tone and – of course – fuzz. He played with Ray Charles. He played on Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile”. He’s featured on the Woodstock album. Through the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and to do this date, he gigs, records and keeps an active bass playing lifestyle. The true life of an artist.

Enjoy the conversation…

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