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Jeff Healey with Marcus Miller: See The Light

Ian Pettersson has sent us a handful of great videos, and he just sent us another.

“An old one, but I hadn’t seen it before,” Ian said. “Jeff Healey with Marcus Miller ripping it up. Awesome performance!”

The band includes the late Jeff Healey on vocals and guitar, Marcus Miller on bass, Dr. John on piano and Omar Hakim on drums.

And it is true: it is awesome.

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Speechless……… : (




Aaron Gibson

This is most excellent :)



Wonderful! And the show Night Music (1988-89) was fantastic (it was even broadcast here in Sweden). If there was any justice in the world the series should of course be released on DVD – however more than 20 of the 40+ episodes are available on YouTube.

Keith white

wOW! what a performance. What a painful Road he must have had to endure. I miss him greatly and hope he’s in a better place.