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Blue Öyster Cult Founder Releases New Music

Joe Bouchard: The Power of MusicBlue Öyster Cult founding bassist Joe Bouchard has released his fourth solo album, The Power of Music.

Bouchard, who plays with The X Brothers and Blue Coupe — the latter with former Alice Cooper bassist Dennis Dunaway — produced and appears to have played all the instruments on his record, which features a cover of his former band’s song, “Career of Evil,” written by his brother Albert and rock poet Patti Smith:

It also includes fun tunes like “Is He the Wolfman?”, which, according to Bouchard in Blabbermouth, arose when he was playing a 2012 Lynyrd Skynyrd cruise. “It was near Halloween and I was looking for material that celebrated that classic werewolf theme. I finally put the song together in 2015 with the spooky 50s theremin riffs and a rocking tom-tom part. In true ‘Twilight Zone’ fashion, the Wolfman ends being a spam caller who gets your number and won’t give up. Scary music with a dance beat works for me.”

If you like what you’ve heard, check out the whole album:

The Power of Music is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3). The CD cover is 3-D, and even comes with its own pair of glasses.)

The Power of Music Track List:

  1. Walk With the Devil
  2. 36 Strings
  3. Is He the Wolfman?
  4. Power of Music
  5. Dusty Old Piano
  6. Story of the Blues Project
  7. Photographic Evidence
  8. Touring Age
  9. Career of Evil

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