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Reader Spotlight: Felipe Gomez

Felipe Gomez

Meet Felipe Gomez – aka Felipe the Bass Invader – who easily has one of the most interesting stories we’ve shared here in Reader Spotlight. Felipe is a solo artist who travels by bicycle. And we’re not talking about riding a bike to a local gig either. Felipe, his bike and gear have traveled across Asia, North America and South America. Here’s his story…


I am Felipe the Bass Invader, a traveling musician crossing the world on a bicycle.



Day gig:

Musician, adventurer and public speaker.

Years experience:

15 years

Bands & Gigs:

I been touring the world: Asia, North America, South America.

I have my solo project called Felipe The Bass Invaders – two solo albums release to the date.

I’m working on a movie about my last adventure with my bass and bicycle on the Arctic.


  • Dingwall EBZ 6 STRINGS
  • Roland Cube amp
  • Darkglass B7K

Why I play the bass:

My brother showed me “Cliff ‘Em All”. I saw Cliff Burton, and I knew I wanted to be a bass player.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I’m probably the first solo bass artist in cross the Arctic with his bass and bicycle.

I play lots of festivals by my self on the stage, often the sound guys ask me “where is the rest of the band?” I say “it is just me”. Then they hear I came on my bicycle, and then tell me I am crazy. But we only live once, and I want this life to be a adventure. So far so good.

My influences:

Stu Hamm, Victor wooten, Igor Saavedra, Bach, Violeta Parra, Jorge Gonzales

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