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Bass of the Week: Fede Caceres Luthier El Cabure

This week we’re taking a look at a bass called El Cabure by Argentinian luthier Fede Caceres. The curvaceous four-stringer features some interesting wood choices, especially with its flamed eucalyptus top.

Its body is made of cancharana, which is a wood native to South America, while the neck is a laminate of cancharana and flamed maple. The ebony fingerboard is inlaid with mother of pearl fret markers and an Argentinian 50 cent coin at the 12th fret. Other features include Gotoh tuners, a Sambong bridge, and a set of P-style and soapbar Mazzarino pickups.

Photos by Gisela Doy

For more information, check out the Fede Caceres Facebook page.

Fede Caceres Luthier El Cabure Bass Specs:

Body Wings:Cancharana
Top:Flamed Eucalyptus
Neck:Cancharana and Flamed Maple
Inlays:Mother of Pearl, 50-cent Coin
Pickups:Mazzarino Soapbar and Split-Coil

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Fede Caceres

The “Caburé”, carved in the 50 cent argentinian coin, is a little owl native from Argentina and that is the reason I used it.
The design is inspired on thunderbird bass but my intension was to change the concept in relation to our roots.