Contest: Win a Robert “Bubby” Lewis Bass Gear Prize Pack from Gallien-Krueger, MTD, Gruv Gear and La Bella

Update: Thanks to everyone who entered! We’re thrilled to announce the winners: Darrell S. (grand prize), Fred W. (second prize) and Ed M. (third prize). A huge thanks to Gallien-Krueger, MTD, Gruv Gear and La Bella for putting on such a stellar contest!

Robert "Bubby" Lewis Bass Gear Prize Pack from Gallien-Krueger, MTD, Gruv Gear and La Bella

Gallien-Krueger, MTD, Gruv Gear, La Bella and No Treble are teaming up for an ultimate Robert “Bubby” Lewis bass gear giveaway! Three lucky winners will be selected in a random drawing on June 24, 2016. Good luck!

Grand Prize:

One lucky winner will receive a Gallien-Krueger CX410/MB Fusion 800 bass head/cabinet combo, a MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe, a Gruv Gear GigBlade Sliver Gig Bag, Gruv Gear SoloStrap Neo 4.0, and a set of La Bella Low Tension Flexible Flats LTF-5A bass strings.

2nd Prize:

The 2nd prize winner will receive a Gallien-Krueger CX115/MB200 combo and a Gruv Gear Club Bag Stealth gig bag.

3rd Place:

The 3rd place winner will receive Gruv Gear FretWraps, Gallien-Krueger Swag and No Treble sticker packs.

Artist Spotlight

Robert “Bubby” Lewis

Robert "Bubby" LewisRobert “Bubby” Lewis is one of the most respected bassists in the industry and he relies on these companies to help capture his sound. Robert has played and recorded bass for a number of music industry powerhouse artists including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Tha Game, Kim Burrel, The Clarke Sisters, AI, Stevie Wonder and many more. Being a huge fan of Japanese anime, comic books, video games and all things nerdy, Robert has been blessed to create various music compositions for companies such as FUNimation Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment. He is currently in Japan touring with A.I.

Check out more from Bubby on Instagram and on Facebook.

Product Info:

Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 800 Bass Head

Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 800 Bass HeadThe Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 800 has an all-tube preamp grafted onto the power amp section of the MB800. The MB Fusion 800 also gives you powerful tone-shaping options, including an active 4-band EQ that’s equipped with a contour switch, as well as a footswitchable boost control that lets you kick in extra punch when you need it. Sculpt your tone with the 4-band active EQ and contour controls, and then add just the right amount of growl with GK’s gain control. At five and a half pounds, the MB Fusion 800 packs in more than 100 watts per pound. Plus, it’s small and lightweight enough to fit in your gig bag. Learn more.

Gallien-Krueger CX410 4×10 Bass Cabinet

Gallien-Krueger CX410 4x10 Bass CabinetGK has built the CX 410 bass cab for maximum efficiency with a quartet of 10″ cast-frame ceramic woofers loaded in a compact feather-weight enclosure you’ll stand a good chance of fitting into your car.The CX 410 is one of the smallest, lightest 4 x 10″ cabs ever made. If you need to move air onstage, 10″ speakers are a proven way to do it with powerful bottom end and articulation. By minimizing the size and reducing the weight of the classic 4 x 10″ cab, Gallien-Krueger has done bassists a huge favor. With the CX 410, you can play stadiums without a crew of roadies. Learn more.

Gallien-Krueger MB200 Bass Head

Gallien-Krueger MB200 Bass HeadWhether you need a small-footprint amplifier head for your studio or a lightweight chassis for your on-the-go bass rig, you’re going to love the MB200. This tiny, lightweight amplifier virtually defines the Gallien-Krueger philosophy of providing products that meet the real needs of real musicians. The MB200 is one of the smallest bass heads in its class, but it doesn’t skimp on important features. A 4-band EQ lets you dial in exactly the tone you want, and a switchable 10dB pad lets you hit the MB200 with the hottest active pickups. It is 200Watts and weighs only 2 pounds!

Gallien-Krueger CX115 1×15 Bass Cabinet

Gallien-Krueger CX115 1x15 Bass CabinetThe Gallien-Krueger CX 115 bass cabinets are compact and leightweight, making them incredibly easy to lug to the gig. The CX 115 is a great partner for the MB series of heads, giving you plenty of power for the gig without breaking your back. Gallien-Krueger loaded the CX 115 bass cabinet with proprietary ceramic drivers and high-frequency horns to create a wide-ranging and balanced sound that will fill the room. GK has built the CX 115 bass cab for maximum efficiency, with a single 15″ cast-frame ceramic woofer loaded in a compact feather-weight enclosure you’ll stand a good chance of fitting into your car. Learn more.

MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe Bass

MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe BassThe MTD Kingston Saratoga Deluxe picks up where the old-school Saratoga left off by adding active electronics and a flamed maple top. It retains Michael Tobias’ innovations like the asymmetrical neck, the Quick Release Bridge, and the Buzz Feiten Tuning System. Stunning looks and gig-friendly active/passive flexibility make this a versatile tool for any bass player. An Active/Passive switch couples the great sounding passive hum-cancelling J pickups directly to the output and engages the passive tone control which is concentric with the volume pot. When in the active mode, the 3-band preamp takes over, with Bass, Mid, and Treble controls offering cut/boost at just the right frequencies. Learn more.

Gruv Gear SoloStrap Neo 4.0

Gruv Gear SoloStrap Neo 4.0The new SoloStrap Neo was designed with one thing in mind: To be the most comfortable padded single guitar strap you’ll ever own! Comes in two widths: The 4.0 model (4″ wide) helps ease the weight of heavier instruments such as basses and solid-body guitars, while the 2.5 model (2.5″ wide) offers ample cushion for lighter instruments. Both models feature thick anti-fatigue, double-layered neoprene coupled with durable faux leather, with limited stretch to avoid that bothersome “bungee” bouncy effect. Our easy rivet-based length adjustment system offers the widest length range, from 38″ to 50″, and all the way to 62″ with the optional extra long tail. Learn more.

Gruv Gear FretWraps Wood 3-Pack String Muters

Gruv Gear FretWraps Wood 3-Pack String MutersFinally, a professional string dampener / muting accessory that every studio, session player, and tapping aficionado should have! Slide on a FretWrap to effectively cut overtones and sympathetic resonance during recording, live performance, two-hand tapping, or any creative situation where you need that extra muting hand for cleaner takes without the unwanted string noise or ringing. The adjustable strap lets you fine-tune the pressure and dampening of the strings. Quickly slides over the headstock when not in use. No special guitar modification, installation, or tools required – Yet amazingly effective! Learn more.

Gruv Gear GigBlade Sliver For Bass

Gruv Gear GigBlade Sliver For BassMeet the new standard in slim and lightweight gig bags. The GigBlade Sliver is a slice of the original but still a cut above the rest. Continuing with the side-carry convenience of the GigBlade, the Sliver introduces a patent-pending invisible “yin-yang” neck brace that secures your instrument automatically when closing the bag. Smart, quick, and über cool. Stay nimble and gig-ready across town and around the world with the new GigBlade Sliver. Learn more.

Gruv Gear Club Bag Stealth

Gruv Gear Club Bag StealthA jetsetter’s ultimate carry-on, the Club Bag takes airport checkpoint convenience to a new level. From Milan to Mazatlan to Manhattan, experience first-class storage for all your tech and travel essentials. Its patent-pending ScanFly™ laptop system allows the ingenious laptop sleeve (sold separately) to be flipped out and ready for x-ray scanning, while keeping your laptop safely tethered and protected. The spacious “glove box” compartment and dual locker doors ensure quick access to all your essentials, further organized by removable soft shelves exclusive in the Venue Series. The Club Bag is compatible to attach to our Krane AMG carts and most luggage handles to make travel even easier! Learn more.

La Bella Low Tension Flexible Flats LTF-5A Bass Strings

La Bella Low Tension Flexible Flats LTF-5A Bass StringsLa Bella Strings is taking a new approach to flat wound bass strings; the result is the LIGHT TENSION FLEXIBLE FLATS series. Using the same techniques that have made the Deep Talkin’ Bass Stainless Steel Flat Wounds the best-selling flat wound set on the market, La Bella has adjusted the construction to create a lighter and more flexible alternative to our classic heavier flats. The Light Tension Flexible Flats deliver the same classic sound but without the floppy-string effect associated with other light tension flat wound strings. These hand-wound and hand-polished strings are equipped with round cores for flexibility, and narrower ribbon wire to achieve that unrivaled smooth feeling uniquely characteristic to La Bella Strings. Learn more.

Contest Details

Please note: This contest is open to residents of all countries (except where laws prohibit entry). Winners outside of the U.S. will be responsible for shipping and related costs (i.e. VAT).

Contest Rules: This contest is designed as a promotion for Gallien-Krueger, MTD, Gruv Gear and La Bella and is void where prohibited. Three winners will be randomly chosen from the submissions received. One entry per person, and a valid email address is required. Participants must be of legal age, and this contest is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws. By participating, the entrant agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless Gallien-Krueger, MTD, Gruv Gear and La Bella and No Treble from any and all liabilities claims and actions. The prize carries no warranty. No purchase necessary.

Winners will be notified by email on June 24, 2016.

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  1. Carlos Alberto Mora Rivera

    I will proudly give, in case I win, the daily use both on stage and in the studio to this dream gear. Love this brands, would not risk anything else. Best regards.

  2. Carlos Alberto Mora Rivera

    I will proudly give, in case I win, the daily use both on stage and in the studio to this dream gear. Love this brands, would not risk anything else. Best regards.

  3. jonathan

    This Contest has me excited! Grats to who ever Wins! what a awesome Pile Of GEAR! this stuff would get a lot of use if I win! My 20 year old rig and bass need a Vacation from the hellish abuse and use I have put them through. this New stuff would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Will Lucas

    I would feel like I would be in heaven if I had such wonderful gear! Good luck to all!

  5. David

    Esperar hasta el día que llegué el ganador y estar soñando que tal vez todo esté gear puede ser mio ,sería ni primer gear profesional!!!!!

    • Corey Brown

      Great gear, great companies. Thanks to all of them that even make this possible. Awesome giveaway. Be great to have gear such as this. Off the chain…..good luck to all!!

  6. Carter

    The system keeps telling me that “this form is limited to one submission per user.” Either I entered to win when I was asleep or there’s a glitch in the system b/c I have no memory of entering this contest…

      • Alexis Malbroux

        Is there a confirmation email that goes to your email once you enter? If so, it may have gone to my Spam. I looked through it and could not find it. I just want to make sure so I can set updates to go to my inbox. Could you resend it please? I’d love a chance to win this for my husband. He’s a phenomenal bass player and musician.

          • Alexis Malbroux

            Great. I do remember seeing that when I entered. Thank you so much for such a prompt and pleasant response. Praying for good favor!! :-)

  7. Tony Calhoun

    I’m just an old guy in Waco Texas who just landed a gig on the West coast and I have no idea what new equipment of this quality, sounds like. It would be a God send.

  8. GK is the best in my book … Some like ampeg and I have played them, tone was ok but NO PUNCH !!! I also played through peavey … Not what I wanted When playing R&B and fusion jazz I need that extra pound of meaty stuff giving me more than just tone but what’s really being delivered in the studio or live …

  9. Bob Holifield

    Love GK Gear Would be awesome to add to my arsenal

  10. GK, thanks for the happiness! First division always.

  11. MikeyOnBass

    This is AWESOME to see that some great companies are donating their gear to the first NoTreble Giveaway… or at least the first one that I’ve seen in the past three years that I’ve been a subscriber ; ) My fingers are crossed.

  12. Sipho Reuben Dhlamini

    Robert Bubby Lewis is a great bassplayer,he is adventurous and a really cool musician,

    i would love to have the gear like that,it can bring more push and energy to grown me as a young musician from south africa,

    thank you for giving us an opportunity like this ,thank you GruvGear,MtD basses kingston,Labella strings,Robert Lewis.

  13. Charles Burchfiel

    I played bass for my high school choir in 1967/68. I did not pick it back up until my church needed a fill in bassist and someone said I could play. So in 2013 , I began playing AT the bass again. You guys on line lessons,demos,and tips have really helped.

  14. Corky Thrower

    Third time I have came here, still can’t find anywhere to enter?’

  15. Brainard Chandrahas

    GK is the best in my book … Some like ampeg and I have played them, tone was ok but NO PUNCH !!! I also played through Yamaha … Not what I wanted When playing Rock and Roll I need that extra pound of meaty stuff giving me more than just tone but what’s really being delivered in the studio or live …

  16. Zeke Collinson

    How do I enter? When I click the “enter to win” button, the page scrolls to the bottom, where it says “Forbidden” “You don’t have permission to access…” and a bunch of code.

  17. Miloslav

    Really great contest. I hope the winner will be suprised. Good luck everybody.

  18. My 1979 GK amp was stolen from an early AM club break-in in Upstate NY, in 1985. This contest has finally slowed the flow of my tears. I loved that amp.

  19. My 1979 GK amp was stolen from an early AM club break-in in Upstate NY, in 1985. This contest has finally slowed the flow of my tears. I loved that amp.

  20. This contest represents Hope. I fully endorse Hope as a true motivator and inspiration for the music it will help create. Thanks for this opportunity!

  21. Roman

    I haven’t been this excited in entering a contest for a long time. I’ve been saving up for just a handful of items that is on this list. Thanks for creating this.

  22. Cody Bowling

    I would love to win this great gear!

  23. Wilson

    Wish and dream to win in this drawing contest.I will be the happiest men in the field of music,I am just a simple musician who loves to play and share my music to everybody.

  24. Wilson

    Wish and dream to win this beautiful instruments.I’m just a simple musician who loves to play and share my talent to everybody.very curious to have a new instrumento to play.can’t afford to buy a new one.

  25. Mark Huckel


  26. Christopher Clark

    My bands tour van was stolen a few weeks ago. Lost all of my gear. Basses, amps, cables, pedals, keyboards, everything. Figured…what the hell.

    • Mark S Beretta

      Christopher when I was 19 I was in a garage band , we kept all of our equipment in a storage unit so we could practice and not bother anyone.
      Went to lunch one day came back and someone stole all of everything but the drums.
      All of my band mates were shocked , good thing I took my bass with me , my amp was stolen along with the nice guitar amp my band member owned plus his Gibson , it tore apart our little band. It makes me sick to think about it.

      • Christopher Clark

        Thanks for the kind words Mark. Yeah it is horrible. Supposed to tour the west coast in a month too. We got the tour van back, but all of my gear was gone. Just awful. To top it off… The bass was my bass teachers… He is now passed. I can’t believe it!

        • Mark S Beretta

          Christopher I wish there was something I could do to help you , I know that empty feeling of helplessness. This may or may not help you but I have a 1989 Ibanez EX 404. It needs a new input jack cause the cord falls out , its maroon color and still a good bass but it’s a short scale model in a hard shell case. You pay for shipping and you can have it. It’s easy to play and very light , it still looks new. I have a 2014 Fender Jazz bass .
          I will never be in a band , I have a degenerative disc disease in my cervical spine with chronic pain and can’t use a guitar strap , I play bass for enjoyment only sitting down.
          I paid $300 for this bass in 1989 , still got the receipt.
          I have no idea how much its worth now and dont really care , money has no value when suffering from chronic intractable pain for 26 years accept paying rent and some food.
          I would rather have my life free of chronic pain more than anything.
          Maybe I will receive a miracle or whatever for helping someone in need.
          Maybe Kevin or Corey can give you my email , if this helps you let me know.

  27. Terry

    I look forward to receiving all good information from these vendors.

  28. Mark S Beretta

    I’m excited and would love to win , thanks.

  29. Delton Wingfield II

    Id love to win some new gear been going through kind of a rough patch this year and lost quite a bit. It would help out a great deal not to mention greatly appreciated best of blessings to all whom have entered

  30. Gracias por esta labor! Motivacion para todos nosotros bajistas! Buena suerte a todos! :D

  31. Aran Emmanuel

    I love robert bubby lewis and his style ive even gotten to speak to him over instagram sometimes hes a really helpful guy and the best thing is loves anime lool but truly hes an amazing artist and im going to turn 16 in july if i cluld win this it would be awesome as now i am in exam season and after im done and finished school i would like to do some gigging but yet i have no gigging amp this would be a god send and a great opportuinity to record i have no money at all to get a new bass or amp imagine having both for free!!! But whoever wins will surely deserve it good luck everyone thamks to all the companies who have contributed you all have quality in your products and you can hear it in the tone sorry for the long message but i had to be said haha (is the comment on this page the only way of entering ??)

  32. Luis

    If I win it would be the best thing it would happend to me, a great bass gear to play in my church for God!

  33. Jose Amarillo

    Great competition, great stuff, luck be with us.

  34. Jose Suarez

    This is incredible!

  35. Stephen Johnson

    I really hope I win. Really in need of gear. But if I don’t. Congrats to the winners! I really love this gear.

  36. Jonathan Hall

    Yo, this gear looks great!!! Cant wait for the reveal.

  37. Killer stuff, can’t wait for the plex !

  38. Killer stuff, can’t wait for the plex !

  39. It would be awesome to win any of the I love the GK brand just can’t afford it. But if just won feet wraps I’d be happy

  40. Impresionante sorteo, suerte a todos, sueño con este premio, mil gracias amigos.

    Awesome draw luck to all, sleep with this award, thanks thousand friends.

  41. Piotr


  42. Bob (Kod) Kodritch

    All fine trademarks/brand names would like to try my customized fret less J-Bass through that GK rig and then see if I like the MTD, then employ it. Thanks for the chance. Kod

  43. Bob (Kod) Kodritch

    All fine trademarks/brand names would like to try my customized fret less J-Bass through that GK rig and then see if I like the MTD, then employ it. Thanks for the chance. Kod

  44. Thomas Sanche

    What a oportunity! I want this gear for my recordings and live shows!

  45. mukuka jonathan

    that’s the bass I would love to have and play in church

  46. Paul Shabazian

    Good luck to everyone! Would be a gas to win! Bass out!

  47. Hároel Reyes

    Wow! This would be more significant for me then a house or a car! My first professional armor in my young bass player career! Such great articles you hardly could dream with. I hope I can win this contest! Godwill! Blessings to all of you!

  48. MikeyOnBass

    Just woke up from a nightmare. It was the 24th of June and I hadn’t received my Congrats Email from NoTreble. There IS still hope in my world of bass. Good luck to all !!!

  49. Francisco Monroy

    I wanted !!!!!!!!

  50. Chris Allen

    I’m myself the WINNER and I look forward to using all this gear. I’ve been playing since 2012 and initially it was a retirement thing that is now the greatest part of me. #BassJourney

  51. Robert Harper

    I just moved from Los Angeles to the state of Maryland, no family, no friends, just me and my fiance and I want to make a name for myself in this town….need all the help I can get right now….starting college in August 2016 for a A A Degree in music!

  52. Dayron Braxton

    If I win I would give my other gear to an fellow young kid bassist in my city so we both can keep playing and inspiring the world

  53. John

    I’ve been trying to rebuild my toy collection, had to sell due to illness. This would be awesome to get ahold of! Would be a perfect birthday present… Good lick the o all!

  54. Deded Indra

    wish me luck! ?

    Good luck everyone!

  55. Matthew Larweh

    As a Bass guitarist winning the contest will boost my sound quality when playing in my Church which will glorify almighty God.I will be excited when I win.

    • philip

      It makes me glad to know u play for a church and that is my motive …..

  56. philip

    It jas been my greatest wish to have a bass guitar fr my lessons and i guess this is an opportunity ……good luck guys

  57. Mark S Beretta

    This sure would be nice to win for my 60th birthday on June 18th , wink , wink.
    I see everyone left a comment , I wonder why ha , ha , ahhhh.
    I won a button start Toro Lawnmower one time 36 years ago and sold it to my best friend for a hundred bucks then got chewed out for not giving it to my dad.
    Da da, da ,da , dats it folks ,,,

  58. Reno Revano

    Great Contest,i would love to win this great gear

  59. Reno Revano

    Great contest, i would love to win this great gear :)

  60. Mark Hodge

    I’ve been looking for a GK Fusion 800 to try out. That would be awesome to win one!

  61. Scott cordova

    I will win, it is time to upgrade my gear. Thanks in advance my friends.

  62. i will feel like an angel on stage here in africa malawi if i have a chance to win such good gear

  63. I have tried entering this contest several times and it consistently tells me my email address is not a valid email address. I know it is because I have been using it for years and receive email to it everyday.

  64. Wilson

    I really love to have all this kind of luxury musical item’s in playing music as my hobby and enjoyment in my life as I always have a good time playing with musicians who is better knowledge in music.I wish to have one good musical instrument,that I could proud sharing with others.

  65. With this I can play more of stevie wonder and Victor wooten wonder. Hahahahahahaha lol

  66. MikeyOnBass

    7 more days my brothers-o-bass. Good Luck to ALL !

  67. being a new bass player trying to get the gear i need including a bass this will give me a great head start

  68. Shawn

    Love my Gk I’m a already a winner boom enough said!!

  69. Aubrey Toko

    I love GK & could do with an upgrade, having said that; all the best to all the winners. . . Respect.

  70. Nicola Scuderi

    Io sono un felicissimo possessore di gk 1001rb II.
    e veramente una bomba.

  71. polo pavon

    Love this GK, I`m putting together a Christian band.

  72. John

    This is an awesome set of gear. Best in the business. Hope the lucky winner appreciates what’s been offered.

  73. Using GK for over 20 yrs., the best!

  74. Using GK for over 20 yrs., the best! Will you sponsor our band?

  75. Patrick Greene

    Hope to win. Good luck everybody!

  76. Dustin W. Taunton

    Awesome contest. Am proud to be a contestant.

  77. I own several GK Products. Wouldn’t be on a gig without their gear. Best performing amps & cabs on the market. Keep up the good work!

  78. Have been hired for many gigs because I “sound so good”!!! It’s not because I’m so special, it’s my GK amp!!! And that’s the absolute truth!!!

  79. Ron

    Use a lot of these products already. Love them! Great sounding, reliable, and all around amazing products. Hope to win, I’d donate some of my less used gear to my local school (can’t do that now due to my state of broke)

  80. Richard Bailey

    I bought a GK MB200 Bass Amp Head That I run with my 115 Cab 2 years ago and am very much happy with it. I play a variety of music gigs: country, pop and rock styles, big band swing, best move for me! I also play electric guitar in most styles and with my multi effects pedal it’s the best for indoor venues. Keeping compact and light is a blessing for us casual music giggers and the MB200 is tops!

  81. Cyrian Tabuena

    I got my first GK amp, a B400 in 1976, forty years ago! I have a pile of the new GK gear and hope to have a mountain of it whether I win or not.

  82. A great contest idea, and one I would not miss entering! I use GK equipment weekly – my MB200 bass head and GK 2X10″ Neo cabinet generating room filling volume and deeply satisfying bass in every club we work!

  83. Mike

    Love my GK amp, very punchy and is loud enough for the outdoor gigs. I would love to add another GK amp to my line-up. I would be excited to get my fingers on that bass and the rest of the gear too!

  84. alevand


  85. Hi there…been playing bass since 1969 and have never acquired a brand new bass setup. Would love to have this setup to work with.

  86. Gary

    Cool Beans !

  87. finis

    I have been using G-K gear for over 25 years.
    With great sound, head room, and dependability. A few years back I had the idea of adding a crossover panel and horn to my portable GK twin bass cabnet like I had in my 4×10 cabnet. The GK service dept sent me what I needed quickly with instructions and at good price. Now that old 2×10 with horn and crossover sounds great. Thanks

  88. Adam

    I have played both guitar and bass for a living. I am currently in the guitar playing phase and want to return to bass. I happen to have been a GK user in the past and this would be a perfect way to restart the bass phase again!

  89. Shannon Lee Gunderson

    My son…Preston Gunderson would play this out ALL over the US where he is a traveling musician….singer-songwriter…check his tunes out today..ITUNES, youtube–

  90. Wolfred

    It only..

  91. Stephen Issac Johnson

    I hope I win

  92. Jack Regis

    Cool gear. Would love to have it.

  93. Bill

    I found the right stuff, finally! :^))

  94. Wilfredo Vazquez

    Soñar no cuesta nada. Me encantaría ser el ganador de este gran premio y poder exibir todo este equipo tanto en la iglesia que es donde toco mayormente, como en el studio, ahora que comenzé a grabar.

  95. John Bee

    Great contest

  96. Jonathan Ackerman


  97. James Hyatt

    Wow, what a prize pack, I could really use this. I hope whomever wins will give it lots of time and care

  98. Larry holland

    Have a GK amp love to.have a Kent Smith bass

  99. Alexius Davis

    This is the Best amp I’ve ever owned and I’ve always wanted a GK. I have the GK combo and would love to complete the set. GK is rolls-Royce if combo amps in my opinion.

  100. Jamie

    What a giveaway? Everything a low player needs in one shot!

  101. MARK A. PEARL

    Nice Gear would help me out needing better gear than what i have since my bass rig isn’t working properly….NEED NEW GEAR!!!!

  102. Craig Bickel

    Cool contest. Good luck everyone!