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Corey Brown

Corey Brown

No Treble founder Corey Brown credits his love for bass to his parents, who in the early 70′s bought one of those killer stereo systems with the big speakers (and some killer records to go with it), brought it home, and cranked the bass knob to 11.

Corey started playing upright at age 10, switched to sax at 11, and picked up both the upright and electric bass again at 15, never looking back.

After a brief stint at the University of North Texas in the late 80′s, Corey took a new career path in graphic design, which eventually brought him to the web in 1995.

Corey first combined his love for the bass and the web with the official Jaco Pastorius web site, which he ran from 2002 until 2007, and started again in 2014. He also worked on the Portrait of Jaco… the Early Years box set, designing and producing the packaging for the release in 2003.

Corey was the COO and cofounder of with Seth Godin (acquired in 2014). He is an active web consultant and CEO of Coreyweb LLC.

Corey enjoys the peaceful life in southwest Florida with lots of LPs, and eight or so basses.

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Articles by Corey Brown:

  • Reader Spotlight: Carlos Holguin

    Reader Spotlight: Carlos Holguin

    Meet Carlos Holguin, a bassist from Las Vegas who got his start in middle school, thinking it would be a temporary situation. But he ended up loving the bass, and the rest is history. Carlos is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story… Bio: I have always been musically inclined. To... »

  • Vulfpeck: Animal Spirits

    Vulfpeck: Animal Spirits

    Vulfpeck has released another video from their most recent album, The Beautiful Game. The track is “Animal Spirits,” with Theo Katzman “singing in a high voice,” and Joe Dart laying down the funky low end. »

  • Alex Al and Darryl Williams: Funky Bass Duet

    Alex Al and Darryl Williams: Funky Bass Duet

    Bassists Darryl Williams and Alex Al got funky at Spaghetinni during NAMM week. Dig it. »

  • Diego Tarantino: Overjoyed

    Diego Tarantino: Overjoyed

    Diego Tarantino sent us another one of his excellent solo bass covers. This time around, Diego performs Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed,” using two bass tracks. »

  • Snarky Puppy: Skate U (Live)

    Snarky Puppy: Skate U (Live)

    The first time we featured Snarky Puppy was back in 2011, with their video for “Skate U.” Here’s the Michael League and the band performing that tune live at Jam Cruise 14, in January 2016. »

  • Adam Ben Ezra: Hide and Seek

    Adam Ben Ezra: Hide and Seek

    Bassist – and one man band – Adam Ben Ezra is back with another video. In this clip, he performs “Hide and Seek” live at Sofar Sounds in London. »

  • Bass & Banjo: Dinah

    Bass & Banjo: Dinah

    Bassist Nicolas Dubouchet has a duo with banjoist Stéphane Borde known simply as “Bass & Banjo.” In this video, they’re joined by guest guitarist Geoffroy Boizard for this fun performance of “Dinah.” »

  • Reader Spotlight: Christopher Halson Griffiths

    Reader Spotlight: Christopher Halson Griffiths

    Meet Christopher Halson Griffiths, a busy bassist from Nashville who jokes that he started playing the bass because “he wasn’t very good at guitar.” Joking aside, Christopher has an impressive resume. Christopher is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story… Bio: Nashville resident and Michigan native has managed to play bass... »

  • Josh Cohen and Sarah Thawer: Fanny Pack Swag

    Josh Cohen and Sarah Thawer: Fanny Pack Swag

    Josh Cohen sent this video to us saying, “Here’s a video that drummer Sarah Thawer and I just did of an original composition “Fanny Pack Swag”. It illustrates some of the techniques that I will be talking about during a masterclass at Bass Break Live on June 10th in Newcastle, Delaware along with Adam Nitti,... »



    This is the one I’ve been waiting for from YYNOT. The virtual Rush cover band has just released their cover of “YYZ.” This is their first video with the band’s new drummer, Chris Moore, who joins bassist Tim Starace and guitarist Billy Alexander. Tim even handles the keyboards on this one, Geddy-style. »