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Corey Brown

Corey Brown

No Treble founder Corey Brown credits his love for bass to his parents, who in the early 70′s bought one of those killer stereo systems with the big speakers (and some killer records to go with it), brought it home, and cranked the bass knob to 11.

Corey started playing upright at age 10, switched to sax at 11, and picked up both the upright and electric bass again at 15, never looking back.

After a brief stint at the University of North Texas in the late 80′s, Corey took a new career path in graphic design, which eventually brought him to the web in 1995.

Corey first combined his love for the bass and the web with the official Jaco Pastorius web site, which he ran from 2002 until 2007, and started again in 2014. He also worked on the Portrait of Jaco… the Early Years box set, designing and producing the packaging for the release in 2003.

Corey was the COO and cofounder of with Seth Godin (acquired in 2014). He is an active web consultant and CEO of Coreyweb LLC.

Corey enjoys the peaceful life in southwest Florida with lots of LPs, and eight or so basses.

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Articles by Corey Brown:

  • Leonid & Friends: I’m A Man

    Leonid & Friends: I’m A Man

    Last December, we featured bassist Leonid Vorobyev and his band Leonid & Friends doing an excellent cover of Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4.” They’re back with another excellent Chicago cover, “I’m A Man.” Nailed it. »

  • Old School: 1964 Egmond Princess Bass

    Old School: 1964 Egmond Princess Bass

    Steve Leggett reached out to me with the story of a special bass: his 1964 Egmond Princess. Steve shares the history of this bass, including some great details on the company behind it. Make/Model/Year? It’s an Egmond Princess bass from 1964. How long have you owned it? Just over nine years now. How did you... »

  • Damian Coccio: Cliffs of Aquinnah

    Damian Coccio: Cliffs of Aquinnah

    Damian Coccio is back with a new tune, called “Cliffs of Aquinnah,” which is planned to be part of his next solo bass album coming out this year. »

  • Franklin Peredo: Rhythms From The Hippocampus

    Franklin Peredo: Rhythms From The Hippocampus

    If you’re friends with Franklin Peredo on Facebook, you know he’s had a new video in the works, featuring a brand new tune. Well, today is the day. Here’s Franklin performing “Rhythms From The Hippocampus,” which as always showcases his impressive right hand technique (and composition skills). Enjoy. »

  • Stuart Clayton: Giants of Bass – Mark King

    Stuart Clayton: Giants of Bass – Mark King

    Stuart Clayton released Giants of Bass – Volume 2 back in March, and the videos keep coming. In this one, Stuart takes on the Level 42 bassist Mark King in this track he wrote for the book. “This complex, slap-driven piece was written in the style of Mark’s early work with Level 42, and features... »

  • Kromosons: #3.3

    Kromosons: #3.3

    Kromosons is a creative music project which features the bass wizardry of Federico Malaman. They’ve just shared the “third chapter of the third season” of the project, which features some excellent musicianship all around. Enjoy. »

  • Fates: Wonderful

    Fates: Wonderful

    I stumbled upon this video the other day of Fates, an all-women trio in Boston, and I was glad I did. “Although their voices are as distinct and unique – as their origins – when they sing together they create one united sound,” the video description reads. “With influences from The Staves, Lianne La Havas... »

  • The Bottom 40: The Circle

    The Bottom 40: The Circle

    The Bottom 40 Band just shared a new video for their single, “The Circle,” from their debut album, . Adam Nitti and the rest of the band really bring it on this one. »

  • Uriah Duffy: “Northstar” Playalong

    Uriah Duffy: “Northstar” Playalong

    Our friend Uriah Duffy recently shared a play-along video for Points North’s tune, “Northstar,” and it is stellar. The tune is featured on the band’s 2015 . »

  • Reader Spotlight: Semjon Becker

    Reader Spotlight: Semjon Becker

    Meet Semjon Becker, a bassist from Germany who got his start standing up his father’s guitars and tried to emulate the double bass. Years later, he and his dad reflected on that story, and his dad bought him a bass. Semjon is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story… Bio: Hello,... »