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Corey Brown

Corey BrownNo Treble founder Corey Brown credits his love for bass to his parents, who in the early 70′s bought one of those killer stereo systems with the big speakers (and some killer records to go with it), brought it home, and cranked the bass knob to 11.

Corey started playing upright at age 10, switched to sax at 11, and picked up both the upright and electric bass again at 15, never looking back.

After a brief stint at the University of North Texas in the late 80′s, Corey took a new career path in graphic design, which eventually brought him to the web in 1995, another “never-looked-back” moment.

Corey first combined his love for the bass and the web with the official Jaco Pastorius web site, which he ran from 2002 until 2007. He also worked on the Portrait of Jaco… the Early Years box set, designing and producing the packaging for the release in 2003.

Today, Corey is the COO and cofounder of, with Seth Godin and the world’s greatest web team, and runs a web consulting business, Coreyweb, LLC.

Corey enjoys the peaceful life in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley with his two daughters lots of LPs, and half a dozen or so basses.

Corey Brown on the web:

Articles by Corey Brown:

  • Zander Zon: “Single-Handed” Solo Bass

    Zander Zon: “Single-Handed” Solo Bass

    Last month, Zander Zon sent me a note with some bad news. The talented bassist injured his left hand and could barely move his thumb. At first, he tried to play through it, but decided to stop and take care. He can’t pick up anything with his left hand now, making playing bass impossible. As... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Scott Varney

    Reader Spotlight: Scott Varney

    Meet Scott Varney, a solo bassist who has a great “how I got started” story, and one who is doing his thing across various venues around his home in Williamsburg. Scott is the No Treble reader in the spotlight for the week of August 18, 2014. Bio: I am a solo bassist singer songwriter who... »

  • Jimmi Clarke: Teen Town

    Jimmi Clarke: Teen Town

    Nigel Palmer sent us this video of his musical colleague, bassist Jimmi Clarke performing the Jaco Pastorius tune “Teen Town”. “Jimmi is an established session and live bassist for such luminaries as Gloria Gaynor and Il Divo,” Nigel said. “…and here he makes the Jaco/Weather Report tune ‘Teen Town’ look like a walk in the... »

  • El Ten Eleven: Thanks Bill

    El Ten Eleven: Thanks Bill

    This must be the month for big sounding duos. Our friend Lucas Carver sent this note: “Experimental Post Rock with just Kristian on double neck guitar/bass and Tim on drums and crazy percussion. Kristian is the reason I love playing bass.” Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty are the duo known as El Ten Eleven. They... »

  • Weekly Top 10: Exploring Rocco Prestia’s Tone, Top 10 Bass Videos, New Gear and More of the Best in Bass

    Weekly Top 10: Exploring Rocco Prestia’s Tone, Top 10 Bass Videos, New Gear and More of the Best in Bass

    I love it when this happens: the top 10 list includes a top 10 list. So if you came to see the best in bass for this week, sit back and enjoy. These 10 stories and videos had the most views by No Treble readers for the week of August 10-16, 2014. Thanks as always... »

  • Paul Jackson Trio: Midnight Is A Lonely Heart

    Paul Jackson Trio: Midnight Is A Lonely Heart

    Bass legend Paul Jackson reached out to us with this note: “Good people at No Treble, check our new video ‘Midnight is a Lonely Heart’ from our forthcoming ‘Groove or Die’.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is what it is all about. The track is a preview of the debut album by the Paul Jackson Trio,... »

  • Bass Bash Jam: Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, J.D. Blair and Derico Watson

    Bass Bash Jam: Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, J.D. Blair and Derico Watson

    Berklee hosted their 2014 Summer Bass Bash recently, and what a bash it was. Here’s one of the highlights from the event with Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey jamming along with drummers J.D. Blair and Derico Watson. Smokin’! »

  • Phantom Pop: Atlantic Ave

    Phantom Pop: Atlantic Ave

    Phantom Pop bassist Dave Lowenthal sent us the band’s first single from their upcoming album. The tune is “Atlantic Ave”, penned by the bassist. The band is a 5-piece instrumental group from Brooklyn, NY who “combines elements of funk, soul, and R&B with the improvisation of jazz to create their own sound.” “Originally formed by... »

  • Talking Heads: Heaven, Live

    Talking Heads: Heaven, Live

    I’m going to warn you… if you grew up in the 80′s, this story will probably make you feel old. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense. Shot over the course of three nights at Hollywood’s Pantages Theater in December, 1983, the footage captures the band during their tour... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Jason Rungapadiachy

    Reader Spotlight: Jason Rungapadiachy

    Meet Jason Rungapadiachy, musician who has been playing bass for more than two decades, starting with one of the best “why I started” stories we’ve heard. As you read Jason’s story, you’ll see he’s an accomplished player with a great attitude. And I bet you’ll laugh pretty hard too. He’s a pretty hilarious guy. Jason... »