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Corey Brown

Corey Brown

No Treble founder Corey Brown credits his love for bass to his parents, who in the early 70′s bought one of those killer stereo systems with the big speakers (and some killer records to go with it), brought it home, and cranked the bass knob to 11.

Corey started playing upright at age 10, switched to sax at 11, and picked up both the upright and electric bass again at 15, never looking back.

After a brief stint at the University of North Texas in the late 80′s, Corey took a new career path in graphic design, which eventually brought him to the web in 1995.

Corey first combined his love for the bass and the web with the official Jaco Pastorius web site, which he ran from 2002 until 2007, and started again in 2014. He also worked on the Portrait of Jaco… the Early Years box set, designing and producing the packaging for the release in 2003.

Corey was the COO and cofounder of with Seth Godin (acquired in 2014). He is an active web consultant and CEO of Coreyweb LLC.

Corey enjoys the peaceful life in southwest Florida with lots of LPs, and eight or so basses.

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Articles by Corey Brown:

  • Diego Tarantino: Use of Light

    Diego Tarantino: Use of Light

    Diego Tarantino always impresses us with his videos. He’s shared a few new ones with us recently, and I really dig this one. Diego arranged Kurt Rosenwinkel’s “Use of Light” as a bass showcase. He plays both electric and double bass in the video (and piano). »

  • Neon-Medeski: Live in New Orleans

    Neon-Medeski: Live in New Orleans

    MonoNeon and John Medeski performed at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans on April 30th. The band also included Daru Jones, DJ Logic, Jermaine Holmes, Skerik, and Robert Walter. The group debuted at the same location in 2017, and after the response, they decided to do another show. We hope this becomes a regular thing! »

  • Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins: Turnaround

    Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins: Turnaround

    The duo of Evan Marien and Dana Hawkins released their latest album, Collection Volume 2 last month. In celebration of the new record, they just shared this video for the track “Turnaround.” The new album is available on . »

  • Brother Strut: Shake Your Money

    Brother Strut: Shake Your Money

    Brother Strut is a British Funk/Soul band I recently discovered on Facebook. The band is set to release their album, Shake Your Money next week, and they released the video for the title track recently. Jamiroquai’s Paul Turner lays down one funky groove on this one. »

  • Bravo Victor: Fire and Ice

    Bravo Victor: Fire and Ice

    Bassist Jonathon Burgess sent us his latest video from his bass and vocals duo, Bravo Victor. “Since releasing their EP in May last year Newcastle bass and voice duo ‘Bravo Victor’ have been tirelessly playing shows on the East Coast of Australia,” they share. “‘Fire and Ice’ has become a crowd favourite at Bravo Victor’s... »

  • ConeSoul: Pela Chuva

    ConeSoul: Pela Chuva

    I’ve been really digging this band since my Facebook friend and bassist Ottoni de Leon shared some of their videos. ConeSoul calls themselves “a trio of instrumental pop music based on the groove!!!” Ottoni lays down a funky groove and takes a great solo break on this tune, “Pela Chuva.” This is tight! »

  • Blues Beatles: Can’t Buy Me Love

    Blues Beatles: Can’t Buy Me Love

    The Blues Beatles are back with another video, once again doing their own thing with a classic Beatles song. In this clip, they take on the Beatles’ 1964 hit, “Can’t Buy Me Love.” As always, Bruno Falcão lays down the low end. »

  • Stuart Clayton: Up-Tempo Slap Groove Bass Lick Exercise

    Stuart Clayton: Up-Tempo Slap Groove Bass Lick Exercise

    Stuart Clayton’s year-long “Bass Lick of the Week” series just hit episode #36. This time around, Stuart is focusing on an up-tempo slap groove exercise. As always, Stuart is offering up the backing track and a PDF worksheet containing the notation/TAB and instructions on how to play the line on his Bassline Publishing website. »

  • Vulfpeck: Grandma

    Vulfpeck: Grandma

    Vulfpeck has just released their video for the tune, “Grandma,” which appears on their album, . The song offers up some silky smooth old school goodness, thanks in part to Joe Dart. »

  • Roosevelt Collier with Michael League: Happy Feet

    Roosevelt Collier with Michael League: Happy Feet

    Roosevelt Collier just released another video in support of his new album, Exit 16. Once again, he’s joined by Michael League on bass. The album was released on March 9th. . »