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Corey Brown

Corey Brown

No Treble founder Corey Brown credits his love for bass to his parents, who in the early 70′s bought one of those killer stereo systems with the big speakers (and some killer records to go with it), brought it home, and cranked the bass knob to 11.

Corey started playing upright at age 10, switched to sax at 11, and picked up both the upright and electric bass again at 15, never looking back.

After a brief stint at the University of North Texas in the late 80′s, Corey took a new career path in graphic design, which eventually brought him to the web in 1995.

Corey first combined his love for the bass and the web with the official Jaco Pastorius web site, which he ran from 2002 until 2007, and started again in 2014. He also worked on the Portrait of Jaco… the Early Years box set, designing and producing the packaging for the release in 2003.

Corey was the COO and cofounder of with Seth Godin (acquired in 2014). He is an active web consultant and CEO of Coreyweb LLC.

Corey enjoys the peaceful life in southwest Florida with lots of LPs, and eight or so basses.

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Articles by Corey Brown:

  • Stuart Clayton: Giants of Bass – Stuart Zender

    Stuart Clayton: Giants of Bass – Stuart Zender

    Stuart Clayton is set to release his new edition of Giants of Bass on March 4th, which is a completely revamped version of his original book. In this video, Stuart offers another preview of what to expect, with a focus on former Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender. “I’ve been a fan of Stuart’s work since the... »

  • Ripe: Goon Squad

    Ripe: Goon Squad

    We first discovered (and featured) Ripe in 2015 with their tune “Talk To The Moon.” We were instant fans. Here’s another one of their videos from 2015 and their “Live From Studio 1 Concert” series. “Goon Squad” features a different bassist than before, with Arlo Feirman laying down the funky low end. »

  • NAMM 2017: All the Bass News

    NAMM 2017: All the Bass News

    The No Treble Crew is in Anaheim, California to cover all the bass-related news from the 2017 Winter NAMM Show. Be sure to check in throughout the show and in the days following for the most complete coverage from the world of bass. »

  • Jakob Forslund & Anna Duveskog: Blackbird

    Jakob Forslund & Anna Duveskog: Blackbird

    Bassist and No Treble reader Jakob Forslund sent us this video he and vocalist Anna Duveskog created late last year. This is their take on the Beatles’ “Blackbird,” which offers up a really unique sound. »

  • Reader Spotlight: Brian Wroten

    Reader Spotlight: Brian Wroten

    I first discovered Brian Wroten thanks to his excellent bass transcriptions and videos. We connected over email, and he became a guest contributor here, offering up some terrific analysis and transcriptions. Now we get to hear about his life and background. Brian is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story… Bio:... »

  • Vulfpeck: Aunt Leslie

    Vulfpeck: Aunt Leslie

    Vulfpeck has released another video from their latest album, . “Aunt Leslie” features guests Antwaun Stanley on vocals, Bethanni Grecynski on trombone, and Cory Wong on guitar. And as always, Joe Dart lays down the groove. »

  • Weekly Top 10: NAMM Gear Preview, Relative vs. Parallel Minor Scales, Moto Fukushima Interview, Top Videos and More

    Weekly Top 10: NAMM Gear Preview, Relative vs. Parallel Minor Scales, Moto Fukushima Interview, Top Videos and More

    We’re getting ready for the Winter NAMM show, and have already started our coverage on some of the new gear being announced. Add to that our interview with House of Waters bassist, Moto Fukushima, a great column by Damian Erskine, some top bass videos and more, and you have this week’s top 10 reader favorites... »

  • The Funky Knuckles: Arise

    The Funky Knuckles: Arise

    I can’t get enough of The Funky Knuckles and bassist Wes Stephenson. Thankfully, they keep putting out some fantastic videos. Here the band grooves on their song “Arise” from their latest album, . »

  • Reader Spotlight: Jesse Brotter

    Reader Spotlight: Jesse Brotter

    Meet Jesse Brotter, a bassist living in Queens who stays busy performing around Boston and New York with a number of bands. Jesse describes his playing as versatile, with a frenzied style. He’s this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight, and here’s his story… Bio: Jesse Brotter is an east coast-based electric bassist, multi-instrumentalist,... »

  • Top 10: The Most Watched Bass Videos (December 2016)

    Top 10: The Most Watched Bass Videos (December 2016)

    We closed out 2016 with a month’s worth of great bass videos. Here are the top 10 most watched by No Treble readers in December, 2016. Thanks for watching, commenting and sharing! 1. Julie Slick: Adrian Belew Power Trio “E” Bass Playthrough Back in October, Julie Slick’s playthrough of the Adrian Belew Power Trio’s “B3”... »