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Paul Simon’s Latest Features Two Noted Bassists

Paul Simon: Stranger to StrangerOnly a few of the songs on Paul Simon’s 13th solo studio album, Stranger to Stranger, feature bass, but when the bass is used, it’s in good hands.

Carlos Henriquez (Wynton Marsalis Septet) and Bakithi Kumalo (known for his work on “You Can Call Me Al” from Simon’s 1986 album, Graceland) share bass duties on the tune “The Riverbank,” with Henriquez on acoustic and Kumalo on electric bass. Henriquez is the bassist on “Wristband,” and Kumalo is the bassist on the track “Cool Papa Bell.”

Simon has said that the album is “about making music that sounds old and new at the same time; music with a sense of mystery.” He then goes on to add, “Sound is the theme of this album as much as it’s about the subjects of the individual songs. If people get that, I’ll be pleased. The right song at the right time can live for generations. A beautiful sound, well that’s forever.”

Listen to how up-front Henriquez’s bass is on “Wristband”:

Stranger to Stranger is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Stranger to Stranger Track List:

  1. The Werewolf
  2. Wristband
  3. The Clock
  4. Street Angel
  5. Stranger to Stranger
  6. In a Parad
  7. Proof of Love
  8. In the Garden of Edie
  9. The Riverbank
  10. Cool Papa Bell
  11. Insomniac’s Lullaby
  12. Horace and Pete
  13. Duncan (Live from “A Prairie Home Companion”)
  14. Wristband (Live from “A Prairie Home Companion”)
  15. Guitar Piece 3
  16. New York Is My Home