Franklin Peredo: Funktopia Robotica

Franklin Peredo never ceases to amaze me. His latest video is for the song “Funktopia Robotica” and it features the bassist’s crazy right hand technique to make the music sound like the title suggests.

It’s not that he’s strumming, thumping, popping and tapping – it’s that he does it so fluidly you forget about the techniques and listen to the music.

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  1. Gregg oliver

    You can’t say enough about Peredo’s right hand. I have studied his work over the years and practiced like a fiend. Try it. Try to play this song.

  2. Nghia Duong


  3. Johnie

    So. Damn. Funky! I love it!

  4. Jason

    It’s his thing—- so unique, way awesome— close your eyes, and the various independent stuff going on sounds like a bassist, funky clav, and drummer-